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Anti-Gay Hatred To Get Second Chance In Arizona

May 12, 2008

When misguided and thoughtless Wisconsin voters were placing discrimination into the state constitution in November 2006 with the passage of the anti-gay marriage amendment, the smarter folks in Arizona were rejecting the same type of amendment.  The fact that one state could prove to the rest of the country that anti-gay politics need not win was praised by many.  But hate and bigotry promoters such as Rep. Steve Yarbrough, R-Chandler are forcing the issue to come back to the voters of Arizona, perhaps as soon as this fall.

The state House voted 33-25 this afternoon to ask voters to constitutionally bar gays from being wed.

Backers of SCR 1042 acknowledged state law already limits marriage in Arizona to one man and one woman. That law has been upheld by the state Court of Appeals, a decision the state Supreme Court refused to disturb.

But Rep. Steve Yarbrough, R-Chandler, said only by putting the provision into the state constitution can foes of same-sex weddings ensure that a future court — or a future Legislature — cannot decide otherwise.

What precisely is Yarbrough afraid of?  Is he so insecure with his own marriage that he fears other loving couples might send his slipping of the cliff?

As my readers might suspect the passage was along party lines.

Opponents argued that the existing law makes the amendment unnecessary and that it insults gays and represents an attempt to exploit marriage for political purposes.
“This is a political ploy to be used in November and I believe it is inappropriate to use marriage as a political ploy,” said Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix.
The Republican-led House’s vote was mostly along party lines.

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  1. Spontus permalink
    July 23, 2008 5:56 PM

    Here is what Senator Harper says about the issue. Do you want him as your senator in District 4?

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Jack Harper []

    Subject: Militant Liberals will stop at nothing to defeat Senator Harper in the Republican Primary.


    I have heard it several times so far, “I thought your opponent in the debate was a Democrat. He’s a Republican?”

    That’s right! If you watched the C.C.E.C. debate between myself and challenger, John Zerby, you would question his registration as well. No one could believe the liberal positions that Zerby was taking. It all comes down to the liberal special-interest groups that Zerby has pledge allegiance to. In the audience was a member of a militant gay and lesbian organization that apparently had coached Zerby on his talking points to oppose the Marriage Amendment. Also in the audience were several union members that supported Zerby’s call for higher taxes and socialized medicine.

    As you may have heard, the head of a gay-rights group in Arizona has vowed to defeat the legislators that referred the Marriage Amendment to the ballot. In what appears to a choreographed smear by the Democratic Party, Senator Cheuvront, the only openly homosexual Senator has lodged a partisan complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee against me. My opponent and the militant liberal groups that support him will undoubtedly jump on the issue. I am confident that the complaint will be dismissed, as the Republican Caucus Attorney has stated that Cheuvront and Aboud (The only openly lesbian Senator) did not have the right to hold the floor without making new points. They only repeated themselves several time to kill the opportunity to refer the Marriage Amendment to the ballot. This is “dilatory” by Senate Rules, and is not allowed.

    Because of the Democratic Party meddling in my Republican Primary election, yet again, the Republican Committee for Legislative District Four endorsed my candidacy at the LD-4 meeting tonight, July 21st. For this reason, and that Zerby has never attended a Republican event and refuses to still, the district committee decided to endorse rather than stay neutral.

    The culture war did not end when the Marriage Amendment was referred to the ballot. Are you ready to get involved and make a difference? It is within 45 days of the primary election, and state law prevents HOA’s from banning political yard signs. Can I put one in your yard? Just email back and see how your time sacrifice can push this campaign to victory!

    State Senator Jack Harper

    Harper under attack in today’s paper:
    Ariz. Dems file ethics complaint over GOP tactic
    by Amanda J. Crawford – Jul. 21, 2008 07:32 PM
    The Arizona Republic
    An end-of-session maneuver that cut short a Democratic filibuster and paved the way for lawmakers to refer the same-sex marriage ban to the fall ballot is now the subject of a rare formal ethics complaint…

    State Senator
    Jack Harper

  2. Joan permalink
    July 1, 2008 12:48 AM

    At least someone ( Yarborough ) has some sense!Not to mention morals.

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