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Keep It Wrigley

May 13, 2008

You can do your part here to help insure that Wrigley Field does not have a name change.

Here is the reason why.

The Chicago Cubs franchise and Wrigley Field are currently for sale.  There is a real possibility that, as part of this process, the naming rights for Wrigley Field may be sold.  It doesn’t matter what the money is used for, the name will be lost forever!

The purpose of the “Keep It Wrigley” web site is to provide a common voice for anyone who has ever enjoyed a visit to Wrigley Field and wants to express their desire for Wrigley Field to remain Wrigley Field.

Our goal is to make it known that we believe the best route to success with Wrigley Field is to retain and embrace its history;  there are many Wrigley fans who would prefer the name to remain Wrigley Field.  New and creative ways to generate revenue from the ballpark can be found while maintaining Wrigley Field as an icon of baseball history.

To accomplish this goal we all need to work together to be heard – every voice adds to the volume.  If that volume is loud enough, someone will listen.

Sign now.

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