Reflections On Gay Marriage Fight In America

Moving ahead on the great social issues of the day has never been easy.  From women securing the right to vote, to inter-racial marriage, the slope has been steep for all those who fought for their rights.  But who would say today that any of those battles that were fought have not been worth it, or the end result not a contributing factor to a stronger nation.  A more just nation.

The ruling by the California State Supreme Court yesterday that stated lesbian and gay couples have the same constitutional right to marry as heterosexuals is but one battle in the long running series of legal cases to insure gay couples receive the same legal protection as others who have the right to marry.  No more.  No less.  That legal necessity may unnerve some and cause great consternation in others, but the fight for civil rights and equal protection has always faced the rougher edges of society on the way under the constitutional umbrella.

The nation is no longer blind to the fact that gay couples live everywhere, and participate openly in all segments of society.  There are no longer the widespread whispers and rumors about gay folks as they themselves fight openly and honestly for their legal rights.  With younger Americans in large numbers finding that gay rights is totally proper, and even older citizens recognizing the absurdity over denying gay couples legal protection, there is a change happening in the nation.  The Supreme Court decision in California was a reflection of that changing national mind-set.

There are still hurdles and fights and days when set-backs will occur.  But there is a real sense of optimism and pride in the air today for all those who love the idea that this nation can still open wide the gates of equality.  For gay couples in America it feels great!

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