8 Years Ago Today

Eight years ago today was also a Saturday.  I went to the Farmers Market alone, and it rained in the afternoon so I stopped at Borders Bookstore to read and drink coffee.  While I was reading the Times a person stopped at my small table and asked me if there was any interesting news to be known about.  I had just met James.

Eight years later, and we are still walking a shared road of life together.

Thanks James.

Saturday Song: The Cowsills “Indian Lake”

This Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start to summer.  That glorious time of year when we wear shorts and sandals far more often than pants and shoes, and find any excuse to get out of work for the errand that always takes somehow longer to complete in the warm sunshine than it would take in the cold winter months.  It is that time of year when Madison explodes with outdoor music, such as concerts on the rooftop of the Monona Terrace each Wednesday evening during spring at 5:30 P.M.  It was during this past week’s music that I thought back to a song that seemed always to be on the oldies station, WOLX in Madison, during the summer of 1992.  I had just bought my new Dodge Duster, and summer was super fun that year.  Each time “Indian Lake” by the Cowsills was played on the radio the music was turned waaayyyy  up in the car. 

From 1968 this video has a classic look.  The young guy with a guitar on the right side of the screen is just so into his music……and dig the clothes!

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