Why Not Raise Mink In Downtown Madison Too?

I have no idea as to why raising chickens in the city of Madison seems like a good idea to anyone.  Regardless of the silly ordinance that allows for these critters to be raised now at single-family residences, I see no reason to expand a bad idea.  I know that this issue was in the news a couple of years ago, but had hoped that this notion had gone the way of pet rocks.  But apparently now all the major problems in the city like crime and water purity are resolved so city alders like Marcia Rummel can concentrate again on issues like expanding the number of chickens in the city.  Having been raised in the country I can assure my readers (and my alder) that more than one neighbor would have plenty of reason to object to the smell and noise that come from these animals being raised next door in our fair city.

But if we are going to allow for chickens to be raised, why not also pass an ordinance for raising mink?

I think the noise of the baby minks being killed by their mother, which is a common event for minks, would be a perfect blend to the rancid scent of chicken poop wafting in from the neighbor’s yard on a hot summer day.

Lets face it; there is a place for everything.  Raising chickens are meant for country living, in the penned area next to the barn with the livestock.  Or should we move Bessie to the city too?

For Pete’s Sake!  Let city alders do the real work that is needed in Madison and leave the chickens for the country folks.

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