Bill Clinton Says To Seat Half The Contested Flordia And Michigan Delegates

Light is starting to shine.  This is from April 29, 2008.

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Barack Obama, John McCain, Hillary Clinton Unite Against Darfur Genocide

This past week an event took place that has not happened since the days of World War II when each of the candidates joined in a letter in 1944 stating they would end the war.  Each of the presidential candidates this year signed onto a joint letter stating if they were elected they would fight the evil that is taking place in Darfur. That evil is named genocide.

The matter is one that I feel passionately about, and know that President Bush and much of the world has sadly dropped the ball on this matter.  But there seems to be growing awareness that the Sudanese government must not be allowed to continue their horrible policies.

“Today, we wish to make clear to the Sudanese government that on this moral issue of tremendous importance, there is no divide between us,” declared a joint statement to be released on Wednesday by the Save Darfur Coalition on behalf of Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama. “If peace and security for the people of Sudan are not in place when one of us is inaugurated as president on Jan. 20, 2009, we pledge that the next administration will pursue these goals with unstinting resolve.”


At least 200,000 people have been killed there since the Arab-dominated government of Sudan unleashed tribal militias known as the janjaweed on non-Arab rebel groups and civilians. The Sudanese government says that the death toll in Darfur has been exaggerated and denies that the killing there amounts to genocide, as President Bush has said.

The president of the Save Darfur Coalition, Jerry Fowler, said the joint statement from the presidential candidates should serve as a warning to Mr. Bashir’s government. “The tangible piece will be on Jan. 20, 2009,” Mr. Fowler said, “when whichever one of these candidates wins the presidency and makes Darfur a Day 1 issue.”

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Who Are The Members Of DNC Rules Committee?

As the nation watches the all important Democratic meeting in Washington, D.C. today regarding the delegate problem with both Florida and Michigan, it might be interesting to be reminded of who sits on the all powerful Rules Committee of the DNC.

Here they are.

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Live Blogging From DNC Rules Committee

There is endless conversations across the nation today concerning the all important Democratic National Committee meeting that will resolve the fighting over the delegates to be seated from Florida and Michigan.  Much hinges for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama today on the outcome of this meeting.  The thoughts and analysis from the professional pundits is one way to better understand the path Democrats need to tread if a successful resolution can be found so the party can find unity for the general election.

Live blogging from some savvy professionals throughout the meeting can be found here.

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Saturday Song: Rod Stewart “Reason To Believe”

Laurie Monroe sat alongside me in several classes decades ago at Tri-County High School in Plainfield and tried to make me see the magic of Rod Stewart.  I did not see it then, but with Stewart’s big production on stage these days featuring his revamped music, along with a powerful vocal presentation, I have done a turnabout on my high school friend’s views.  She was right.  There is a sizzle that Rod Stewart brings to music.

I love music with chords that reach out and grab me to listen.  A melody that brings a smile.  “Reason To Believe” starts off with such an opening in this video that proves youth is not required to make a concert hall happy.  In addition, I am of the mind that anyone can sit home and play an artist’s music on the stereo.  What people want from a live performer however, is a show with lights and big production values.  Stewart delivers all this in his concerts, and here is a sample with one of my favorites from his songlist.  The opening piano chords will pull you in.

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