Live Blogging From DNC Rules Committee

There is endless conversations across the nation today concerning the all important Democratic National Committee meeting that will resolve the fighting over the delegates to be seated from Florida and Michigan.  Much hinges for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama today on the outcome of this meeting.  The thoughts and analysis from the professional pundits is one way to better understand the path Democrats need to tread if a successful resolution can be found so the party can find unity for the general election.

Live blogging from some savvy professionals throughout the meeting can be found here.

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One thought on “Live Blogging From DNC Rules Committee

  1. Alice

    The obnoxious behavior of what I can only think of as “Hillary’s Hoodlums” during yesterday’s DNC Rules and Bye-Laws Committee Meeting made me embarrassed to be a life-long member of the Democratic Party.

    Their carry-on, IMHO, reflected nothing more than their candidate’s arrogant attitude of “entitlement” since the beginning of this contest.

    Sadly, Sen. Clinton and her Campaign have been unable to acknowledge the fact that she is not the preferred Democratic Nominee of a significant majority of U.S. Democratic Voters.

    What frightens me most is that Sen. Clinton and her supporters might effectively hand the Presidential Election to John McCain through what seems to be so ego-centric a campaign as to ignore the far more important question:

    Can the United States and the World survive a third George Bush term if John McClain is elected?

    It is all so very worrying.

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