Saturday Song: Rod Stewart “Reason To Believe”

Laurie Monroe sat alongside me in several classes decades ago at Tri-County High School in Plainfield and tried to make me see the magic of Rod Stewart.  I did not see it then, but with Stewart’s big production on stage these days featuring his revamped music, along with a powerful vocal presentation, I have done a turnabout on my high school friend’s views.  She was right.  There is a sizzle that Rod Stewart brings to music.

I love music with chords that reach out and grab me to listen.  A melody that brings a smile.  “Reason To Believe” starts off with such an opening in this video that proves youth is not required to make a concert hall happy.  In addition, I am of the mind that anyone can sit home and play an artist’s music on the stereo.  What people want from a live performer however, is a show with lights and big production values.  Stewart delivers all this in his concerts, and here is a sample with one of my favorites from his songlist.  The opening piano chords will pull you in.

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