Who Are The Members Of DNC Rules Committee?

As the nation watches the all important Democratic meeting in Washington, D.C. today regarding the delegate problem with both Florida and Michigan, it might be interesting to be reminded of who sits on the all powerful Rules Committee of the DNC.

Here they are.

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2 thoughts on “Who Are The Members Of DNC Rules Committee?

  1. We the People: And that includes the American voters in Michigan. Just redue the Michigan Primary and let all the Michigan voters know there votes will count this time and be counted. And more than before will go to vote for there votes to be counted. The vote taken in January isnt valid no matter who says it is. It must be redone to be confirmed and legal.Its not fair to the Michigan Republicans and or Democrates and or Independents. The votes jsut didnt even count. So the primary should not of even taken place in January. There is still time to redue the Michigan and Flodida Primary that way all the votes will be made and counted and count. If not why even bother to go out to vote in any election. Its up to the delegates of each state anyway.ones vote doesnt really matter after all.

  2. Geneva Hill

    I want to thank the DNC have having the public meeting so all America could see you decision. I am proud to be a new Democratic and my son and husband has followed the decion and we all are proud of all of you.

    We will be voint for Obama in November.

    God Bless all of you.

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