Not Just Another Dane County Farmers’ Market

If you were watching WKOW Channel 27 news at 6 or 10 last evening, or Fox 47 news at 9, you might have seen the story on what impact higher prices for everything is having on the Dane County Farmers’ Market.  I was the one shopper that was shown commenting for the story.  After all these years of being a huge promoter of the downtown farmers’ market (my blog is proof of that) I was pleased to be selected while buying a couple quarts of strawberries to be interviewed on camera.

I think that the prices at the market, while sometimes higher than previous years, is still a great deal.  First, I know where the food is grown, if it is organic, and that the money I spend is helping the local producers and economy.  Second, the market is much more that just a place to buy produce.  It is also a community event that brings added sparkle and charm each Saturday morning to the statehouse square. 

After the interview the camera followed me for a bit as I browsed plants and other items. 

My mom was right…never leave home unless you are dressed to meet the world.  Saturday morning I ‘had to’ finish up a batch of laundry at home, which delayed us getting to the market, just so the ‘right’ shirt could be worn with my shorts.  

It was a great day at the market!

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One thought on “Not Just Another Dane County Farmers’ Market

  1. Gretchen Kruse

    Thanks for being a supporter of locally grown products! I was the gal at the beginning of that interview and I’m VERY proud to have been a part of this “scene” since 1972 – From me, my brother Dick and my parents Harold and Carla Kruse, “THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO PURCHASED GOODS FROM HICKORY HILL FARM!”. I can’t even put down the words that could begin to express the gratitude toward our customers or explain the experiences I had growing up with the Dane County Farmer’s Market……just that it has certainly been a mainstay for our family farm and that my cultural experiences gave me a lot to go on when I moved out into the great wide world of life!

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