Jesse Jackson Needs To Shut Up

I have long respected and admired the work of Jesse Jackson.  I was a supporter of his during the 1980’s when he ran for the Oval Office. and know that his views on the issues of the day were correct then, and are still so today.  He was truly a great leader of the Democratic Party, and a fighter for the issues that impact us all.  Meeting and talking with him on various occasions over the decades never failed to energize me.

But there comes a time when one crosses the line too far, and makes such an error that it deserves a ‘time out’.  Jesse Jackson crossed the line, and then some, when suggesting that Barack Obama be made, (how can I say this nicely) lighter in the pants.  For a Reverend to make such a comment……for a major Democratic operative to say such a thing…..well, it is time for Jesse Jackson to sit this election cycle out.

The issue stems from Barack Obama not playing the African-American issue the way that Jackson would like.  Obama suggested in a speech that black kids should stay in school, and black parents take responsibility for their children.  That is not a comment that should draw the ire of Jackson.  Sure there are economic causes that create deep strife and disadvantage in the African-American community.  But Barack Obama was not suggesting that other influences were not in part responsible for the troubles that plague African-Americans.  We all know they exist.  Instead, Obama  was merely making some common sense statements.

Jesse Jackson has well served his party.  And still can.  But this time he needs to serve it by shutting up.

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5 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson Needs To Shut Up

  1. Lunch Admin.

    Obama may have made remarks about staying in school and other common sense statements, but GODDAMNIT why does he have to deliver his wisdom so pompously?

    Jesse Jackson IS SICK AND TIRED of it. A lot of us are.

    If Obama wants to be president – fine. But to me it sounds like he wants to be a high school guidance counselor.

  2. Nader was right, and so is Jesse. He had nothing to apologize for. It always confused me how Jesse with the issues he highlighted – sub prime lending, housing foreclosures, inner city plight – could support Obama.

  3. Yvette

    It has been said that Jesse Jackson is the National spokesperson for African Americans, I don’t remember electing him to say a damn thing for me. I agree…JESSE JACKSON SHOULD SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN. I am so tired of his pompous peacocking aal over the air and video waves. His ideas are outdated, that rhyming nonsense he spouts is ridiculous, and his politics are tired, hell he’s not even a genuine Reverend!!!

  4. Eric

    I totally agree with your post! I have never been a fan, nor a supporter of Jackson’s! I saw through his character many moons ago when he said that MLK died in his arms. That of course was a lie! When he ran for President I seriously wondered “why on earth” he expected to even have a slime chance to win, or even that he was even qualified to be President in the first place! He has “NEVER” held “any” elected office whatsoever, and honestly he couldn’t even get elected as “Dog Catcher” in his hometown of Chicago, and everyone there knows that to be a fact! And, who proclaimed him to be the spokesperson for Black America? Well, he did, no one else. I’m sure also that the media had something to do with that as well, because they already knew what the majority of Black people didn’t ….that being that Jackson was a “FRAUD”! They knew that he would only continue to take Black folks down the wrong path. Why didn’t we realize that? What really dissappoints me is that we as a people just sat on our hands, and allowed this man to speak for all of us…even though it was clear that he really never developed any plans for the masses…..other than to keep them on the welfare rolls! And, sadly most wanted only just more welfare and handouts…making us only more dependent as a people. So, again my question is why did we just sit there, do nothing, then support a man for the Presidency when we already knew he and later Al Sharpton didn’t have a pray in hell to win! What’s wrong with us as a people? Does anyone truly want a Jesse, or an AL to represent them or this country! I don’t think so! Get real people!

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