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Pictures Of Afternoon At Madison Art Fair On The Square

July 12, 2008

The annual Art Fair On The Square is usually the hottest weekend of the summer.  But this 50th year of the event found both artists from around the nation, and a huge crowd of people, being greeted with partly sunny skies, and perfect temperatures in the 70’s.  A nice breeze across the Isthmus made for ideal conditions on the Capitol Square.

Kinetic Sculptures were spinning in the breezes as the result of Andrew Carson and Shelly Corbett from Washington state.  The creative design with loads of color would make for a great huge lawn ornament as they whirl in the winds.

Vendors lined both sides of the street as people browsed an afternoon away. 

Deborah Martin performed on a handcrafted didjeridoo.  The instrument is made from dried bamboo, and then fashioned into a musical instrument that produces an incredible sound that is hard to explain.  Her journey from Georgia was well worth the trip she said, as the weather was so nice in Madison.

Cat got your tongue!

In addition to the art, young dancers demonstrated what many hours of practice can produce.

Art Off The Square is also a great tradition, and items below prove why.

I went to a garden party……

…to reminisce with my old friends…….

Some bought art, while others wore it.  I told this lady she looked perfect for the Art Fair!  She agreed.

Your lean mean blogger taking a picture of himself in a mirror for sale.

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