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Madison Daylily-O-Rama

July 30, 2008

Hard to think about politics today when the world is so full of color, and it all is just yearning to be viewed so as to dazzle the eyes of those who pay attention.  Even the little ant in the lower left corner of the first daylily wanted a close-up look.  Though I was hoping the bumblebee that was in the bloom would have stayed for the picture.  (Has anyone else noticed that there are so many bumblebees this summer in the area?  I love them, and think their numbers are higher this year.  Great!)

As a boy I only knew one type of daylily, the beautiful yellow ones that came each summer in the large patch along the white garden fence in my mom’s flower bed.  However the wide variety that exists is a gardener’s delight.  The one below with crimped edges is spectacular.

The harsh reality is that the bloom is only here for one day, and so they need to viewed and admired while they are in their glory.

The ones above seem like best friends in the garden. 

I love how the colors are sharp and yet combine so nicely.

So whatever you are doing take a moment to walk and enjoy the colors of summer….so many only last for a day.


These yellow daylilies are almost like a pinwheel.

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