John Edwards And His Betrayal To This Political Supporter

I am truly upset by the confirmation of the rumors surrounding John Edwards. It is not like we have not witnessed such things in the news before.  I have no false sense about the true state of the world in which we live.  Reading the papers and following the news provides enough grit on a daily basis to know that I should never hold any politician or institution too high, because in the end too many prove to be frail human beings who fail miserably.  Whether it is Catholic priests who betray the church by sexually abusing children, or people like Senator Craig who lurk for men in restrooms, we have heard so much over time that nothing should surprise us.  Or anger us.

And yet I am angry.

I had hoped that John Edwards was different, and had placed my hope and trust in him as a candidate for President in 2008.  His message about the war, and economic disparity in the nation struck me with hope that things could change in America, and that he was the one with the clean fresh look and charm that could best communicate the ideas that would move us in a better direction.  When I get in that mood I do not like to have my foundation pulled out from under me, and left to feel betrayed.  And yet this morning that is exactly how I feel.

What makes men think that they can act in so reckless a fashion, without regard for the vows they made to the partner in their life, is one question that has been around for a long time, and I certainly have no answer for it.  But when a person stands up and and asks his fellow citizens to trust him to lead the nation after having made such a horrible personal decision, leaves me feeling betrayed and angry.  John Edwards did more than cheat on his wife, breaking her heart.  He also let down the hopes and dreams that many Americans had placed on his shoulders.  He asked for that trust and many, like myself, gave it.  His wife may be able to forgive him.  I am sure I will never be able to.

It is a sad day for America.

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