End Ban On Photos Of Returning Military Dead

This is needed.  I have long argued for this.

Americans should have the right to see the dreadful results of politicians such as President Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney who start wars based on lies and false assumptions.  The flag draped coffins of dead American soldiers should not be sanitized for political purposes by those who are afraid that America might react to the images, and want to vote against those who needlessly start wars.

The Department of Defense would be required to grant journalists access to ceremonies honoring fallen military personnel under a bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The legislation is significant because it would, for the first time since Vietnam, let photojournalists capture the powerful images of flag-draped caskets arriving on American soil during wartime.

The Fallen Hero Commemoration Act, or H.R. 6662, was introduced July 30 by Rep. Walter B. Jones (R-N.C.), a member of the House Committee on Armed Services.

The bill states: “The Secretary of Defense shall grant access to accredited members of the media at military commemoration ceremonies and memorial services conducted by the Armed Forces for members of the Armed Forces who have died on active duty and when the remains of members of the Armed Forces arrive at military installations in the United States.” It was referred to the Committee on Armed Services.

Jones voted to authorize the Iraq war, but he later supported a timetable to withdrawal troops and opposed the troop surge in 2007. Jones has spoken frequently in support of veterans’ interests and displays a poster outside his office showing the photos of fallen service members from the Marine base in his district, according to his Web site.

His bill has six co-sponsors: Rep Wayne Gilchrest (R-Md.), Rep. Solomon Ortiz (D-Texas), Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas), Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.) and Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.).

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13 thoughts on “End Ban On Photos Of Returning Military Dead

  1. I’m against the idea, but solely because I don’t think it’s respectful to use images of our fallen soldiers for political purposes. I also don’t trust the press not make the proceedings into an utterly vile circus.

    I understand – though I disagree with your premise – your point about visibility though. In actuality we both seem to want our honored dead to be honored properly.

  2. The facts of the Iraq war, and the lies of the Bush Administration that led to the murder….no other word for it…of some 4,000 US soldiers, can not be erased by talking about other wars. This is the Bush War….the Republican War…the war the GOP will long have to live with.

    This is the war the history books will not let you forget.

  3. notalib

    Nothing like using dead soldiers for propaganda purposes……talk about cheap exploitative and disrespectful, but that never stop progressives before.

    As for the war, it to will be ignored by the educational system called PUBLIC schools if teacher unions and far left extremist are still in power 20 years from now. When I was in school in the 60’s they taught American history, today because of special interest groups and teacher unions history is distorted and they now teach how America has been evil the last 200 years.

  4. Notablib,

    You really amuse me.

    You comment here often, and make yourself out to be such a true American. So patriotic and conservative. And yet you feel that consequences of policy by your government should be hidden from view. First a true conservative would never cover up the mis-deeds of his government. And by not allowing the pictures of the coffins does just that. Bush and Company would love not to have the country constantly reminded the cost of a policy based on lies. It is Bssh and Company that are using the pictures, by not allowing them to be in news copy. You must be able to see the way they are using the dead soldier’s silence in the coffin as a tool for their own use.

    You are not a real conservative in the classic sense of the word. But I am sure you already know that.

    You are one of the new conservative flame throwers. More heat than light. You have no basis for your argument, and no meat, and so instead just use words like “progressive” in some pejorative way, and think that is a logical argument. It is not.

    I dare say you did not retain much of your history or civics from your days in the classroom given your far less than rational approach to analyzing the current trends of your government. Instead of ripping off comments that say nothing I suggest a review of the history books you have certainly forgotten about.

  5. Dekerivers,

    I don’t know your history with notalib so I can only comment on what I read here. Based on that, notalib isn’t really off base at all, though a little extreme.

    I would expect the Dems right now and the GOP later if Obama is elected to use our fallen soldiers for propaganda purposes. There is nothing sacred in the modern partisan political battleground. It’s not like the media would balk at it for even a second.

    He kind of right about public schools too. The Feds under Clinton forced a change in curriculum on public schools and that change included an “unfriendly” view of American history and government.

  6. Why are you so afraid to let American voters, and taxpayers to see the result of Bush’s war? Why are you afraid to let the results of murder be shown to the public?

    Well I will let notalib then give 2-4 examples of how the history books have changed other than updating based on new historical research.

    For example the fact that Europeans came to this nation and spread disease and as a result killed a vast number of native Americans might be considered ‘revisionist’ history, but the facts support that claim. I use that as an example of what notalib should steer away from. (Things that are supported by historical research.)

    But yes, I offer notalib a chance to prove his claims. He has that opprotunity everytime he writes. I have made the came offer many times.

    But notalib is a one note flamer. He never has any facts to suppport his three limp lines of over-used text. Liberals this…..progressives that…..blah….blah……blah……

    Also, jonolan, I make the same offer to you, as I strongly disagree with your statement in regard to Clinton and the the term ‘unfriendly’ as you used it.

    But feel free to respond. I do not wish to appear not willing to listen. But these ‘facts’ as put forth by conservatives and others are so often left unchallenged that they seem to be then truthful to the uninformed. I can not abide that here on my blog.

    Looking forward to hearing from you both.

  7. notalib

    Like I said and the author backed it up, because a some Indians died because of disease the settlement and exploration of this country is now considered a aggressive act by the far left. I am sure once they steal from my pay check to pay off the reparations to blacks for slaves they will next be looking at my paycheck to pay off Indians out of their guilt, which actually they now have with the illegal casino deals the government has brokered with certain tribes, another DOYLE disgrace on our state.

    It has been the way of the left in this country just throw money at anything they conceive as a problem and then their perceived guilt and injustice goes away, and they feel so much better about themselves.

  8. So the only ‘distorted’ part of history you can talk about is the issue that I brought up! And the type of issue that has historical research that supports my views! Wow! Not a fan of debate in high school?

    You claim “because of special interest groups and teacher unions history is distorted and they now teach how America has been evil the last 200 years.”

    Within that span of 200 years I am sure, given your sense of assuredness that you can come up with 2-4 items that support your argument.

    And then pease address the actual topic of this post.

    Why are you so afraid to let American voters, and taxpayers to see the result of Bush’s war? Why are you afraid to let the results of murder be shown to the public?

    Does not a real conservative wish for the workings of a government be made public for all to better see what is taking place wiht the taxpayers money?

    Why so nervous to engage in the actual issue of this post?

  9. notalib

    I have no problem with the showing of our returning soldiers, it is out of respect and honor to do so. I do have a major problem with people like you who only want to do it for political gain. You could care less about these men, or their families. When you and the rest of the democrats care to do it for the right reason let me know, until then don’t waste my time and Americas time with your disrespectful reasons for wanting to show the returning soldiers.

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