“Seven” Barack Obama Ad About John McCain And His Literally Countless Homes

This is perfect. 

For too long the Obama camp has been too subtle with political ads.  They needed to put some starch in their underwear, and let the public know where the bear craps in the woods….in so many words.  The McCain camp with their actions and words have forced the Obama hand.  This is but the start.  With Labor Day and the beginning of the fall campaign this is time for fastballs.  And the one that came out of the Obama camp today is brilliant.


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11 thoughts on ““Seven” Barack Obama Ad About John McCain And His Literally Countless Homes

  1. Sadly, it’s perfectly stupid. By bringing up home ownership Obama has opened the door for his own real estate problem with Tony Rezco.

    Sometimes the potential backlash and counter-punch of an attack makes it a bad idea even if it’s a well-placed attack.

  2. No. I strongly disagree.

    Just as with the tired GOP rants about the ‘land-deals’ with Bill and Hillary…there was proved to be no deals….just GOP spin to try and make the public all confused.

    Do not get sucked into the GOP spin.

  3. I would agree with that assessment if Obama himself hadn’t copped to his dealings with Rezco being a case of bad judgment on his part.

    That time he got to shrug it off. That might not be the case this time. An admitted case of bad judgment combined with the oft-repeated mantra of “not ready to lead” by his opponent could create a “feedback loop” that could hurt him badly.

    Plus, if he scoffs and says this is old news, non news, he’s essentially parroting Hillary. That could hurt him just as much.

    I’m forced to maintain that this was a risky if not outright stupid strategy on the part of the Obama campaign.

  4. notalib

    How dare McCain own homes. How dare they be successful. We know that we all must live with guilt in the America democrats want. How dare people be successful when we have mos with 8 kids from 6 different men living in poverty. WHERE IS OUR SHAME AND GUILT?

    How many homes and property does the very rich Pelosi own? What about Al Gore who makes $100,000,000 a year off his global warming scare how much property doe she own? Then you have the TWO AMERICAS man who was sleeping with a whore while his wife suffered with cancer, how about is 28,000 sq ft house.

    but when you are suffering in the polls the way obama is you will grasp at anything and right now Mr McCains homes are all obama has left.

  5. steve

    How does one lose track of how many homes one owns? Yeah I want this old man who last had an erection in the 1980’s running the nation.

  6. Steve,

    It’s quite easy to loose track of how many “homes” you own when it’s your spouse’s financial planners who bought many of them. Once you have trusts set up, they can and will purchase property as investments in order to manage and grow your money.

  7. I see your point of view and I just made a post about it on my blog. The thing is, neither side should be picking on irrelevant subjects to make a point about each other. Every time this happens, I lose respect for both. Everyone knows that, for the most part, rich people own big, expensive homes and more than one. I also tend to think that Obama is a whole lot richer than McCain.

  8. You can’t be serious!

    I suggest you look at John McCain’s income and tax returns and property holdings and Cindy’s (you do know her family history?) and…as I said you can’t be serious!

    And of course the issue is not that he can’t recall how many homes he owns, but that McCain pretends to know how the average voter feels.

  9. notalib

    of course we take this serious because we all know that it is a issue that is important to all of us.

    Politics in this country is only for the wealthy. A common man can no longer run for state or national elections. It is all about money and connections.

    American politics is no longer about the people but special interest and the rich. Its sad that the people who pay the bills in this country have no representation, just lip service from DC.

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