United States Secret Service Dispatched Protective Detail To Senator Biden

ABC Reports  This Is The News We Who Love Biden Have Been Waiting For!

The United States Secret Service has dispatched a protective detail to assume the immediate protection of Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., a source tells ABC News, indicating in all likelihood that Biden has been officially notified that Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, has selected him to be his running mate.

Sources also tell ABC News that two others said to be finalists for the position of Obama’s running mate — Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., and Virginia Gov Tim Kaine — have been told they have not been selected to be Obama’s running mate.

Kaine flew to Denver earlier today, is in Denver tonight and has no plans to leave in the next 24 hours. Bayh is at his Washington, DC, home with his family.

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Drudge Reports: Barack Obama Picks Senator Evan Bayh As Democratic VP



Drudge Report

OBAMA DRAMA: Prepares to name mate…
FLASH: Fri Aug 22 2008 17:52:03 ET /// KMBC’s Micheal Mahoney reports a company in Kansas City, which specializes in political literature, has been printing Obama-Bayh material… MORE… Gill Studios, would not confirm information about the material. They would not deny it either. At least three sources close to the plant’s operations reported the Obama-Bayh material was being produced. The company is in the Obama FEC reports for previous work…

From KMBC Kansas City

We’re very disappointed that you would spread this rumor,” Gill Studios President Tom Carrico said.
“You didn’t print it here?” Mahoney asked.

“I didn’t say that. But I’m very disappointed that you would come out and interview us and ask for confirmation and we said we would not confirm,” Carrico said.

“Or deny,” Mahoney said.

“That’s correct,” Carrico said.

Mahoney reported that at least three sources close to the plant’s operations reported the Obama-Bayh material was being produced.

Bayh has a reputation as a fiscally conservative Democrat. Bayh endorsed Hillary Clinton and it is believed that he could help the Obama ticket by delivering a key battleground state.

Obama has arranged a joint appearance for Saturday with his running mate at the state Capitol in Springfield, Ill.



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Waiting For Barack Obama Text Message About The V.P. Nominee

One thing is for sure.  The Barack Obama campaign has perfected the art of building up the entire nation in a waiting game for the news of who the V.P. selection will be.  There isn’t a work place in the nation,  grocery store line, or a street corner where the talk is not about the V.P. for the Democratic ticket.  It has been masterful in its design, and the fact no leaks have occurred which would ruin the timing shows what a competent and highly professional team is at work for Obama.

Why do I think there will be less national excitement over the selection of John McCain’s V.P. selection?  There is no way for McCain to compete with the national drama that Obama can create.

For now the Blackberrys in the nation are being watched with a desire to know who the nominee will be.  The Obama team told supporters that we would be the first to know with text messages and emails.  It is unprecedented to have a text message of this type used by a campaign to release such important information.   But it is a sign of who will make the difference in the polling on Election Day.  There are lots of people that make up the grassroots ground game that are not being counted in polls.  There is a huge segment at work in many states, flying below the radar, and McCain has no idea how powerful the vote against him is going to be.  The grassroots workers will get their text message and email today.  And then for the next 74 days work their tails off to elect a new President.

But for now we just must wait.

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