Watch MSNBC Chris Matthews And Pat Buchanan: Has The Press Been Fair To Sarah Palin?

As much as I love politics, I also love to discuss the way the media reports a story that deals with our elected officials, and campaigns for public office.    And there is plenty of media dissecting to do with the latest seven days, and the way the Republican National Convention was conducted, and then covered by the press.  I for one want to know more about those who wish to be elected.  Some feel that any questioning of the basically unknown Ms. Palin, for instance, is off limits, and as such, there is a reason to review what the press’ main job is in this nation.

Chris Matthews and Pat Buchanan tangled on this issue on MSNBC,  The video here is worthy of your time.  (BTW I hated the outdoor set that MSNBC had for both poltical conventions.  Here is a clue….the action is going on INSIDE the convention hall!)

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One thought on “Watch MSNBC Chris Matthews And Pat Buchanan: Has The Press Been Fair To Sarah Palin?

  1. Marion

    One just can’t keep hurling “chunks” of lies and innuendoes and not give the other side a chance to ask questions and vet opinions and contradict the lies. Sarah Palin does all of these. By not answering the press questions, it gives them a licence to give wings to the rumors about her.

    She just speaks and then looks like the cat that is so proud of herself because no questions can be asked of her. We, the public, are supposed to “believe” everything that comes put of her mouth. WRONG, this is not how our democracy works. Her “chunks” are going to choke her one of these days and I hope Joe Biden is there to NOT pat her on the back or do the Heimlich maneuver.

    Let’s face it, I can see this coming, when the VP debate comes, if Biden lets her answer first or go first being a gentleman…she will call fowl like Hillary did. If she always get second chair, she will call the press feminist or racist [which term are we the public supposed to use now?]. Pot shots will be viewed as picking on me, the truth hurts so complain loudly about it.

    I’ve been a member of the NRA for a looong time….B F D! I don’t hunt either just target shoot and sight in guns for people. Actually, I don’t even do this anymore as my hand shake. If I shot something it would be human, why would I shoot a defenseless animal. You don’t have to be a member of NRA to accomplish this, so why are they pushing this about Palin.

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