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Help Relight The Orpheum In Downtown Madison

September 15, 2008

Picture From The Orpheum Theatre History

The efforts to restore and revitalize downtown Madison have produced amazing results, and created a place that many of us love of call home.  I recall when I first came to Madison in 1987 that the downtown was not much fun after the workday came to an end for government employees.  I lived downtown at that time and thought it more a blighted area then anything else.  I soon moved to the far edges of Madison to live, and found that the apartment setting was stale and lacked a sense of community.

Now two decades later I again live on the Isthmus and find an energy and vitality here that feeds on itself as condos that were constructed throughout the area have brought in fascinating people, and scores of restaurants and shops have opened.  The feel of downtown Madison is contagious.  It is the place to be.  Best yet, it all is within walking distance!

The work to improve and enhance the downtown continues, and the efforts are to be applauded and promoted.  As we walked tonight on State Street a sign in a window caught my attention.  It was alerting passersby to help finance the relighting of both the vertical and horizontal lights of the Orpheum Theatre.  The charm and nostalgia of the old theatre all lit again is an image that many would find warming and comfortable.  An old rich slice of Americana can be ours again to enjoy.  And I was delighted to learn an effort is underway to make this all possible.  For a slide show of the Orpheum Theatre, click here.

Madison Trust For Historic Preservation is working to make the project a success by undertaking a fundraising effort.  You can play a part in this effort by making a donation. Checks should be made payable to the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation, attention “Relight the Marquee” and mailed to PO Box 296, Madison, WI 53701-0296.

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