John McCain “Exposed As A Lie”

As one who has written favorable things in the past about John McCain, I am a bit stunned how he is acting in this campaign.  Given his actions over the past few months the following is the type of tough ad that is late in coming from the Obama campaign, but needs to be seen by the voters.  I love the tone of this ad as much as the content.  There is nothing to be gained by Democrats if we hold back on the tough campaign style that wins elections.  Many voters need to know that McCain is waging a real dirty fight, and that the Republican Party is playing nasty with the real facts.  This ad allows the voters to see that the lies and distortions from McCain are indeed judged underhanded and misleading by many outside sources.

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3 thoughts on “John McCain “Exposed As A Lie”

  1. Let’s not act like the smears aren’t coming from both sides. has reported Obama using McCain quotes out of context. Not to mention the new Obama ad criticizing McCain for not using a computer, when in reality his war injuries keep him from doing so.

    Both campaigns need to clean up their acts because that’s what America needs right now. The partisan stuff isn’t helping anything.

  2. Kolchak-

    I’m not buying that excuse of war injuries. Earlier this year, McCain was talking about learning to use the internet. There are pictures of him using his Blackberry as fervently as any teenager.

    I think this is just another version of “Noun. Verb. POW.”

  3. What a deceptive ad this was. It didn’t mention any specifics at all.

    Race has nothing to do with it with most people. Most voters just don’t want someone so Far-Left as POTUS.

    America’s poor
    are the richest in the world
    – some have three TVs

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