Patrick Buchanan: Neo-Cons Tutor Sarah Palin “Should They Succeed, They Will Destroy Her”

This is a hard hitting must read piece from conservative commentator Patrick Buchanan about the role of neo-cons tutoring Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential candidate.  The tone is harsh, but as Buchanan writes, the neo-cons tutored President Bush and as a result ruined his terms in office.  Will they do the same to Palin?  This is a must read for every voter who understands the destructive role the neo-cons have played with foreign policy these past 8 years.

Also on Palin’s plane was Steve Biegun, formerly of Bush’s National Security Council, and Scheunemann’s choice to tutor her. Of Biegun, Steven Clemens of the New American Foundation says, “He will turn her into an advocate of Cheneyism and Cheney’s view of national security issues.”

During her interview with Gibson, Palin often took a neocon line. Three times she said that, should Israel decide to attack Iran, the United States should not “second guess” Israel’s decision or interfere.

This contradicts U.S. policy. Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs, has warned Israel not to attack Iran, as the United States does not want a “third front.” And the Pentagon is withholding crucial weapons the Israelis want and need to carry out any such attack.

Palin also volunteered that the Russian invasion was “unprovoked,” though Georgia attacked South Ossetia first. She followed up by saying that Georgia and Ukraine should be brought into NATO.

Would that mean America would have to go to war with Russia on behalf of Georgia in any new conflict, asked Gibson.

“Perhaps so,” said Palin.

Scheunemann should get a fat severance check from Saakashvili for that one.

One ex-White House aide at American Enterprise Institute, asked by Tim Shipman of the Daily Telegraph if AEI sees Palin as a “project,” replied: “Your word, not mine. … But I wouldn’t disagree with the sentiment. … She’s bright, and she’s a blank page. She’s going places, and it’s worth going there with her.”

In fairness to Palin, on issues like NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia, her answers reflect the views of the man who chose her. She has no option at present but to follow the line laid down by Scheunemann.

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4 thoughts on “Patrick Buchanan: Neo-Cons Tutor Sarah Palin “Should They Succeed, They Will Destroy Her”

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  2. Fred Flinstone Repug

    I am so ahamed that I wasted my vote on George Warmonger Bush. What was I thinking??? Why did I let my neoconservative, religious right wing extremist, evangelical, elitist, corporate socialistic views get in the way of exercising sound personal thought when I entered that voting booth??? I was brainwashed to believe that Republican ideology was that the GOP is a party that is “of, for and by the people” and that we were moral and God’s political party. My daddie’s Bush & Cheney have single handedly wasted more money and human lives then all of the past Democrat Presidents put together. After the lies of Heir Bush and Gustapo Cheney that got us into Iraq, I cannot seem to get the blood of American soldiers and innocent Iraqi’s off of my hands. Since the voters in my GOP party will vote for any pathetic waste of skin who claims to be conservative, pro-life (whatever that is even supposed to mean), Christian (again questionable), and an NRA member who hates faggots and minorities, it has become obvious to me that the logic that drives our voting decisions is really messed up. As such, getting a good effective leader for the USA is like trying to tune a piano that is missing half of it’s keys. Oh God….What am I going to do???????

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