John McCain Trying To Avoid Media By Urging Postponing Debate

The polls are showing that the John McCain and Sarah Palin ticket are not faring very well given the collapse of the American economy during the Republican watch.  So one has to wonder how much the decision by McCain to suspend his campaign has to do with the fact his wares are not selling in the marketplace of ideas.   To postpone the debate seems to me short-sighted, and purely political.  Might he also hope to suspend the election until we get to know Sarah Palin better?

CNN Reports.

He also urged organizers of Friday’s presidential debate at the University of Mississippi to postpone the event.

“I am calling on the president to convene a meeting with the leadership from both houses of Congress, including Senator Obama and myself,” McCain told reporters in New York. “It is time for both parties to come together to solve this problem.”

It was not immediately clear how extensive the suspension he announced would be — whether it would include dropping television advertising or just canceling scheduled appearances. McCain took no questions after reading his statement.

McCain‘s announcement came just hours before President Bush was scheduled to address the nation on the troubled state of the U.S. financial system — a problem for which his administration has proposed a $700 billion bailout.

In response, the Obama campaign said Obama called McCain at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday to ask if the Republican nominee would join him in a joint statement of “shared principles and conditions” for the proposal. It said McCain called back at 2:30 p.m. — shortly before his New York announcement

Given that McCain and Palin are highly reticent about talking with the press, and answering questions, makes me think that this idea about postponing the first presidential debate is more an attempt to dodge talking with the American public, than how it is billed as an attempt to work in Washington at fixing the economic problem.  While I had advocated on Monday that both Obama and McCain go together to Washington, and still feel that is best for the country, I do not feel that suspending the debate at this critical juncture serves any purpose.

The nation needs to hear from these two men, one that will be the next leader.  To shy away from addressing the nation at this moment makes it appear that one has more fear in his eyes than what we need in our next President.

That can’t be a good thing.

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4 thoughts on “John McCain Trying To Avoid Media By Urging Postponing Debate

  1. Looks like McCain was handed a gift. Perfect way to duck the debates. It will be fun to see what the man can do…considering “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should” John McCain.

  2. Roger

    He doesn’t have the power to do anything about the crisis. He has one vote like the other senators.
    He surely is avoiding the debate.
    Palin will follow.
    If Obama says no, McPain will use it as a political ad that Obama doesn’t care!

  3. I was not aware Seantor McCain ducked anything.

    He asked for a brief postponing of the event to deal witha very real issue.

    It is clear the only thing that is important to Obama is his own election.

    BTW Deke, have Democrats ever done anything wrong in your view?

  4. Fred,

    YES!..In fact I disagree often with my side.

    And when I disagree with Dems, I also support Bush…..such as with the tug of war between America’s push for economic openness and concerns about national security when the United Arab Emirates wanted the port deal. I strongly supported this plan as did Bush, Condo Rice, etc., and I poked hard and often at the Dems for using the issue for political gain.

    I have also argued (except in rare cases) that a Pres. should have the Cabinet he wants, and the Dems should back off from attacking those picks.

    Often I slap the Dems, as I did with Hillary and Bill during the primary season.

    So, yes!!

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