George Will: “Gov. Sarah Palin Is “Obviously” Not Prepared To Assume The Presidency If Necessary”

Word has leaked out that conservative commentator and writer George Will has little good to say about the vacuous Governor of Alaska, Sarah Plain.  Will spoke to a gathering of U.S. Senate aides, and some of them spoke afterwards to news sources.  Will had to have known his words would become public, and on top of his written harsh comments about John McCain, probably even planned it this way.

Appearing at a Senate Press Secretaries Association reception at the Cornerstone Government Affairs office, Will offered a harsh assessment of John McCain’s running mate.

Palin is “obviously not qualified to be President,” he remarked, describing her interview on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric as a “disaster.”

Will did state, according to a second source, that Palin has received rough treatment from the media; arguing that the Alaska Governor would have been “skewered” by the press if she had made some of the same gaffes as Sen. Joe Biden has in recent weeks. But his sympathies only extended so far.

Will, who did not return requests for comment., had also been previously critical of McCain’s choice of Palin, writing a week after it was announced: “The man who would be the oldest to embark on a first presidential term has chosen as his possible successor a person of negligible experience.” One week ago, meanwhile, Will penned a blistering op-edabout McCain, accusing him of practicing “fact-free slander,” holding a “Manichaean worldview,” and “characteristically substituting vehemence for coherence.”

2 thoughts on “George Will: “Gov. Sarah Palin Is “Obviously” Not Prepared To Assume The Presidency If Necessary”

  1. bolsonon

    Innuendo, unnamed sources, and unsubstantiated accusations… Typical and tedious loony left-wing smear tactic. No wonder you folks adore Obama, you’re all as shallow as a goldfish bowl.

    Obama: An empty suit leading a bunch of empty-heads.

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