Would You Believe That Sarah Palin Can’t Name Any Newspapers She Reads?

Every day the evidence piles up that Sarah Palin is one very dumb woman.  No other way to say it.  One can argue that she is over her head now in a national campaign that requires intellect and perspective, and that she is just not ready for ‘prime time’.  But I think there is more than that; I think under her beauty queen looks is an empty shell.  I really do not think she has any intellectual capacity or the statements that she has made over the past weeks would never have been uttered.

Her selection as the person to be a heart beat away from the Presidency underscores the crass political act that John McCain thought he was going to get away with when he named her.  But every day the most ridiculous and inane comments come out of Palin’s mouth.  And thankfully she says them on camera!

Here is the latest……..and I swear this tape has not been altered……..Palin is really this vacuous.

8 thoughts on “Would You Believe That Sarah Palin Can’t Name Any Newspapers She Reads?

  1. notalib

    That was a smart move on her part. Why would a candidate name any one mag or newspaper just so that media and leftwing blogs can spin that into more anti Palin Anti McCain spin. Has anyone asked Biden what he reads? Has anyone asked obama what papers he read? Again the left are desperate and any silly spin they can try to make out of nothing they will try.

  2. marion

    I loved one of the many dumb comments made by Palin that she has never met Biden but can remember him from a speech when she was in grade school.

    DUH! Does she not put 2+2 together and realize MCCain is OLDER than Biden?

  3. To thenonconformer: Being a Christian does not equal reading the Bible. In case you never noticed, the Bible is misused as a “sound bite collection” more often than any other book in the world. It has truth; those truths are often twisted and read in ignorance of the context.

    CONTEXT! Oh wait, politics from both parties likes to ignore that. I read the Bible cover to cover. I suggest everyone else who claims Christianity does the same. And those who like to bash Christianity should get a firm grip on what is “truth” and what is “spin”. Let’s talk about spin doctors. I quit going to a church because the pastor pulled verses out of context to support what he wanted to say. Reading the passages surrounding what he pulled out painted a different picture than he portrayed. Knowing pastors are people and can twist truth just as much as the next guy/gal means the whole “pastor witchdoctor chaser” and “pastor anti-white” articles in relation to Palin and Obama (respectively) get little notice from me.

    To notalib: Your key word is “one”. I believe Ms. Couric asked the plural “newspapers” and “magazines” until her third try for an answer in the interview.
    Here’s how I would have answered if I was asked the question: I don’t get a newspaper. I read my news on the internet. I’ll save the cutting, transportation, pulping, chemical additives and replanting for items not so easily placed in the recycle bin by the end of the week. This also means, I look at FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS news sites in addition to articles from popular magazines (Newsweek springs to mind) and newspapers (New York Times, The Capital Times) as well as local papers (Daily Herald – welcome to suburbia). Those which are not on the web and I enjoy, well…I LOVE MY LIBRARY! Wow, so hard to answer, eh?

  4. notalib

    Why does the far left need to know that. As for biden does he really read, or just copy what other say, “Senator Joe Biden was forced out of the 1988 U.S. Presidential race (but remained in the U.S. Senate) when it was discovered that parts of his campaign speeches were plagiarized from speeches by British Labour party leader Neil Kinnock and Robert Kennedy.”

  5. To: Jenny. We as Christians are tired of the moment someone in the public eye says the word “Bible” or “Jesus Christ” or “Church” that it means the far left has to get out the pitchforks and torches and shout “Kill Them!!”. As for you not going to church anymore “because the pastor pulled verses out of context to support what he wanted to say”. I truly feel sorry for you. Go out, church shop find a church that preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ. You will find it and leave your cynacism behind….


  6. To Ferrell: Keep your “sorry” and reread what I wrote. I left “a” church; not plural. Again, it was the right AND the left with the pitchforks on Palin AND Obama. Perhaps my cynicism would be less if more people would realize HEARING something in a sermon is different than BELIEVING something. It would also help if people would stop calling themselves “Christian” and act consistently otherwise (not in the least limited to politicians).

    To notalib: What someone reads for newspapers and magazines is all in all a fluff question. I recognize that. Still, I think the answer should be straightforward or the question should be questioned. It might have been fun to see how Ms. Couric would deal with the table turn. As far as what the Democrats read, I’d like to hear their answers too. 🙂

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