Dick Morris Predicts Barack Obama Landslide!

Hat tip to Rolf……he doesn’t have a blog…..but should.

Dick Morris who bloviates on FAUX News, and loves to muse in all things political, placed his thoughts about the Electoral College map results of this presidential race on line.  The result is a landslide for Brack Obama.

4 thoughts on “Dick Morris Predicts Barack Obama Landslide!

  1. Hold on to your horses everyone. You already have McCain bombing big time like Walter Mondale in ’84, losing his job as Senator and endorsing Cialis. Ever hear of the “Bradley Effect” HMMM…. It has been reported that in several swing states where Obama is supposedly blowing McCain out of the water and the fat lady has already sung that McCain workers are trying to distribute lawn signs. The voters won’t take the lawn signs, but they “wink” at the McCain workers to say “Yes, I’m voting McCain-Palin”. This election is going to be close…

    Put away the Champagne and Caviar you all may be eating crow yet….

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