Saturday Song: Moe Bandy “Americana”

Moe Bandy’s “Americana” puts to music the red, white, and blue feeling that so many of us have this weekend.  Liberals and conservatives alike share the same flag, and understand the words to music such as this.

Is Senator Elizabeth Dole Nuts?

Or can she truly be this power hungry?

Days after releasing an ad suggesting that Democrat Kay Hagan was a godless American, Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C) is up with a sequel.

Her new ad emphasizes Hagan’s attendance at a September fundraiser, which was held at the house of an adviser to the Godless Americans PAC.

“Kay Hagan’s faith? Not the question. But these facts Hagan cannot deny. The Godless Americans held a fundraiser in her honor in Boston. Hagan attended and took their money,” the ad says.

“They want to take God out of the pledge of allegiance and our everyday lives. If Godless Americans threw a party in your honor, would you go?”

Hagan fired back yesterday with an ad of her own, accusing Dole of “bearing false witness against fellow Christians.” Hagan filed a defamation lawsuit yesterday against Dole for airing the initial ad.

Where Is President Bush?

In the final hours of Election 2008 I think I am getting too soft and nostalgic.  I know that President Bush likes the campaign trail, and rousing crowds.  There is nothing like the energy of a political rally with the loud bands, colorful bunting, and stirring oratory in the fall air.   But this year President Bush has not had the opportunity to lead even one rally, or introduce the Republican nominee anywhere in the nation.  That is most remarkable.  Bush was even conveniently sidelined at the GOP convention.  Though it is not hard to see why he would be kept at arms-length given his poll ratings that are Nixon-like, I still feel a bit of something for his absolute quarantine.  I find him not very interesting or curious as a person, and his policies are utterly deplorable, yet I feel kind of sorry for him this afternoon when the rest of the country is engaged in the spirit of Election 2008.  

As I said, I think I am getting too soft.

Chuck Todd State By State Analysis For 2008 Election

Essential reading this morning from Chuck Todd, one of the brightest political minds on TV this election season.  A few nuggets below.

Arizona: Could Arizona be to McCain what Tennessee was to Gore? Possibly, but is it what Tennessee was to Gore in 1996 or 2000? What folks don’t realize is that Tennessee almost slipped away from the Clinton-Gore ticket in ’96 but was saved at the last minute. I think that’s what’s happening in Arizona. This is a lean-Red swing state that every two years during the last eight has shown evidence of moving toward the Democrats. If McCain weren’t on the ballot, Obama would have contested this state from the beginning. Democrats are targeting the open GOP House seat in the 1st District, one of the  largest in the country and even think they could pull an upset in the 3rd. I doubt that one myself. Tip: If McCain loses, the next good political story in the state will be his Senate re-election bid in 2010. Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano is term-limited and loves to read polls matching her up with McCain in 2010.

Florida: One of the underreported stories of the cycle in this key presidential battleground state is the amount of House races being targeted. On a mediocre night for the Democrats, they should net at least one seat (they’ll knock off two incumbents in the Orlando area and lose the Tim Mahoney seat). It’s possible they could win another two seats in South Florida, as both Diaz-Balart brothers are in very tough fights with Cuban Democrats. That’s right, the Cuban electorate may no longer be monolithic. And if Obama carries the state and one of these Cuban Republicans loses their House seat, it will be one of the bigger realignment stories in the state. If Republicans start losing their edge among Cubans in South Florida, it’s a devastating blow for the GOP.

Minnesota: Forget the presidential race, there’s no better campaign for political junkies like myself than the nutty three-way Senate race between Norm Coleman, Al Franken and ex-Sen. Dean Barkley (remember, Jesse Ventura appointed Barkley to the Senate for the remaining days of the late Paul Wellstone’s term). It’s a crazy race; I think there’s even a five percent chance the third party candidate wins. That said, I guess Franken is the very slight favorite. It’s been a roller-coaster. A Franken win would be the ultimate culmination of what’s been the convergence of everyday politics and satire. I can’t wait to see how Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and the “SNL” folks deal with a Sen. Franken. Tip: Democrats could pick up two more House seats, including suddenly vulnerable Michelle Bachmann’s seat and another open seat.