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No Lines At Isthmus Polling Place in Madison..Longer Lines At Starbucks

November 4, 2008

When we got to our polling place at the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center this morning shortly after 10:00 A.M., Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin was just leaving, as was a TV news crew.  We wished her well, and commented how beautiful her flowers and terracing work looked at her home.  She was radiant today, and looked every part of what a winning Democrat should resemble.  I think all of us will have a smile as wonderful as hers later this evening.

Inside James and I waited for less than 90 seconds to get a ballot, and vote.  There were about 10 voting booths and while there was a number of people casting a ballot things were running smoothly.  I was number 751, with about 2,300 voters in the ward.  Be mindful that the actual vote number does not include the absentee ballots that had not yet been run through the machine.  And it was only mid-morning.  A poll official predicted at least a 75% turnout in the ward.

I was prepared for the long line, but I think absentee balloting really made the difference.

Then it was off on a walk to run errands in downtown Madison.  On the way I stopped for the free cup of coffee that Starbucks was giving to voters.  There I waited for several minutes before getting to the counter.  One very lively lady laughed with another voter in line, saying that if the election was stolen this year like in 2000, there would be rioting in the streets.  The voter she was talking with seemed good natured, but admitted voting for John McCain.  I really did not care for the rioting comment, and so as I passed the McCain voter to leave, I told him that win or lose we are all Americans.  He seemed glad to hear the sentiment, and wished me well.

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