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Condom Education Wins Out Over Abstinence

November 10, 2008

Once again logic from a Democratic White House will dictate family planning and AIDS policy.

President-elect Barack Obama will reverse U.S. family-planning and AIDS-prevention strategies that have long linked global funding to anti-abortion and abstinence education, a public-health adviser said.

Public-health policies of President George W. Bush’s $45- billion PEPFAR program have brought AIDS drugs to almost 3 million people in poor countries such as Rwanda and Uganda, more than under any other president. Still, requirements that health workers emphasize abstinence from sex and monogamy over condom use have set back sexually transmitted disease prevention and family planning globally, said Susan F. Wood, co-chairman of Obama’s advisory committee for women’s health.

“We have been going in the wrong direction and we need to turn it around and be promoting prevention and family-planning services and strengthening public health,” said Wood, a research professor at George Washington University School of Public Health in Washington.

Bush on his first day in office, in January 2001, reinstated the so-called Mexico City Policy — known to critics as the global gag rule. It bars U.S. family-planning assistance for organizations that use funding from any other source to provide counseling and referral for abortion, lobby to make abortion legal or more available in their country, or perform abortions except in cases of a threat to the woman’s life, rape or incest.

Obama “is committed to looking at all this and changing the policies so that family-planning services — both in the U.S. and the developing world — reflect what works, what helps prevent unintended pregnancy, reduce maternal and infant mortality, prevent the spread of disease,” Wood said.

  1. srhagerman permalink
    November 12, 2008 2:49 PM

    Humans, by nature, are sexual creatures. We are going to have sex, so why not teach people how to have ‘safe sex’. I should also point out that children should be informed that there is more to life than sex.

  2. November 10, 2008 6:16 PM

    As far as birth control goes: Abstinence never failed me. Condoms did. I have 2 beautiful children now. If you don’t want babies don’t have sex. If you want the “best” prevention for pregnancy and still to have sex there is the vasectomy (an outpatient operation for guys). If we really want “progress” in the fight against AIDS people will need to remain monogamous. I agree with Ferrell in abortion not being a form of “family planning”. Since when is a child a “mistake”? And yes, a baby is alive before it erupts from the vagina or is plucked through the slit of a belly. Go look at the ultrasound again. Listen to that heartbeat once more. Feel those kicks and hiccups.

    Summary: teach abstinence AND condoms AND vasectomy and every other form of pregnancy PREVENTION. (Abortion does not fall under this because it is a REACTION to pregnancy).

  3. ferrellgummitt permalink
    November 10, 2008 4:20 PM

    Since when is abortion “Family Planning”? I am amazed at the callousness people take toward the unborn. In all likelihood probably in less than a year President Obama could pass a law that will allow ALL pregnancies to be terminated at any stage, for any reason. If the fetus survives the procedure, the doctor will let it die. Do not have to tell the parents, nobody keeps a record.

    Don’t you find that and I quote from one of your last blog posts just a little “Creepy”?

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