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Mormon Church Used Prop 8 To Mainstream With Other Conservatives

November 10, 2008

I have kept my powder dry on this blog over the truly disgusting display from California voters in last week’s election regarding Proposition 8.  Denying the right of marriage to gay people is just illogical.  It is mean-spirited, hateful, and bigoted.  I have not uttered a word here about the huge number of black voters in California who were proud of their own fight for civil rights, while at the same time displaying a culturally crude vote to rip other civil rights away from another group of Americans.  I never mentioned this past week anything about this story.  For the first time in over two years I have not discussed a top news story on this blog while it was happening. The story was just too deeply troubling.  I did not have the desire to go near it.  It nauseated me.

Now it is a week later, and it is time to join with others to beat back the bigotry.

There will be many kicks at the can here over the months.  But where to start…where to start…

How about with the sanctimonious prigs in the Mormon Church?

Why would the Mormon Church, with a most interesting history regarding marriage, or should I say marriages, interject itself into the highly emotional gay marriage issue in California?  What possibly could be gained by giving huge amounts of money to pass Proposition 8, which places discrimination into the California State Constitution?

My theory is that it was less about protecting traditional marriage, and more about public relations and allying itself with other conservative religious institutions.  The church eats and breathes public relations, to the point that they renamed the Book of Mormon, and added steeples to their already existing churches to make them look more Christian.  They are perhaps more PR conscious than many know.  By organizing Yes on 8, the Mormons stood to gain considerable accolades, if not clout, from the other conservative religious groups it so very desperately seeks acceptance from.  Be mindful that it was those same groups that for almost 2 centuries persecuted and ostracized the Mormon Church and its members.  It’s like when a high school loner beats up a geek in the presence of the school gang of bullies, hoping to win points with them; he improves his own chances of not being bullied any more, but still someone gets hurt. 

I do not understand the Mormon Church’s motive, but find thier actions reprehensible, especially when I’m the geek who gets the pummeling.  It’s a familiar effort of calculated opportunism, and that makes me want to puke.

Any questions why it took me a week to respond to this BS from California?

  1. cjc6ahmdc permalink
    June 20, 2009 4:35 AM

    -(1: observation) Most if not all MAJOR religions (such as the Catholics, Christians, Jews, Muslims…) & societies (such as the communists, capitalists…) are intolerant of nearly any notion but ‘traditional marriages’, generally,
    -(2: explanation) because ‘heterosexual-binding’ is in their ‘scriptures’ to the church ppl & in their ‘social traditions’ to the general public ! And these divine-words & traditions are potent forces. Because ppl from a very early age are ‘CONDITIONED TO OBEY THEM’.
    – The name of the game of any authority, be it the church or a society, is ‘OBEDIENCE’ thus ‘CONTROL’.
    -(3: tactics) The churches use ‘scriptures’ to CONTROL ppl and the societies ‘traditions’. The chuches say scriptures are DIVINE so you can trust them. I mean if cjc6ahmdc were to tell anyone to follow or accept ‘a habit, say gay-marriage, according to me’, few would listen, for I’m a mortal like him or her. But if I say “you can only marry a member, or sometimes more than a member such as the Mormons, of the opposite sex, they’re GOD’s DIVINE words, it’s in the scriptures and it has a long history & tradition, ppl have been following them for thousands of years … ” (and I’d already put fear in them from their early years to be afraid of GOD’s wrath), then I’ll have more success. Same reasoning goes for the societies: “It’s the aged-old traditions, you know…” the authorities would say.
    -Ppl generally are wary or fearful of things UNKNOWN, UNFAMILIAR or NON-TRADITIONAL to them. Now gay-marriages, this habit of a minority…it is so unfamiliar & non-traditional to the non-liberal minds, they get scared.
    -You see, when ppl are scared, they can easily be manipulated by the Authorities. As I said, once you start taking away their ‘Independent Thinking’ in their early ages, such as by the churches or the authorities, & teach them to conform, even blindly, they’ll turn out to be the most obedient & conditioned lot thus the most gullible & controllable. I’ve seen too many of these blindly obedient creatures around me.
    -The trick is: you have to start early. It doesn’t matter if that person turns out to be an intellectual one day. Once a Muslim, Catholic or Christian… from birth, s/he would be a Muslim, Catholic or Christian… till s/he dies, generally. I mean I’ve learned about some exceptionally intelligent persons who at the same time were the most superstitious, GOD-fearing wrecks. Isaac Newton was one.
    -You see, you put fear in them, such as reciting “ don’t do that, you’re risking your Eternal Life…” , say, to the Devout, they’ll do anything you want.
    -Now look at G.W Bush. He was not as inane as ppl had portrayed him, (or was it just the ppl who voted for him were MORE stupid?) He scared the Americans stiff with the non-existent WMD, with the Muslims or Communists taking over the world from USA… He put FEAR in them. He got what he wanted: his war in 2003 & re-election in 2004.
    -And now gay-marriages. “One day the gay ppl will wipe the earth population out ‘cos they can’t proliferate…” the Conservatives would say, as if anyone can just swap sex-orientation at the drop of a hat.
    -What about the ‘African-Americans &, to a lesser extent perhaps, the Hispanics Conservative Phenomenon’? Why? Well, no offence to them, (and I intend to qualify here, if any person feels offended, I hereby apologize profusely), they, together with some other minorities such as the Red Indians, according to certain statistics, not my words, are the ‘most conditioned & easily frightened’ groups in America, generally & traditionally. For so long in the history of USA, they were the most cruelly oppressed. Yet the ‘Gospel’ remains to be a major life-style amongst them. Why? You know what: I learned, (you don’t have to buy into this though), in order to sooth the antagonistic sentiments of the ‘Black & the other Deprived’ against things like Slavery & Oppressions, they were instilled in them, during the Slavery era, the idea that they are the descendants of Cain, a ‘dark-skinned’ man in the Old Testaments who murdered his brother Abel, so they have to be punished for Cain’s sin. In other words, that’s their Fate, IT WAS WRITTEN in the DIVINE BOOK! Now to anyone else this is preposterous, but apparently the Black ppl bought it. They became more reconciled with their plight… Can anyone see how successful ‘Gospel’ is amongst the African-Americans which is now a ‘Institution’, or even ‘Hypnosis’? They grow up with it. Bible=Conservative Mentality. That’s the power of the Religion, namely, CONTROL. The sad thing is, they are not aware of this conspiracy.
    -The Bible remains to be the most potent tool, along side with military might, in the last 200-300 years, employed by the White ppl to rule over the White & the Non-White worlds. It’s kind of like ‘Soft-Power’ as opposed to Hard-Power (i.e. the West’s WMD). Together they end up becoming the ‘Smart-Power’.

  2. November 14, 2008 8:30 PM

    You will not find the I fail to mention the conservative nature of blacks/hispanics on my blop over this issue.

    The bottom line is that no other group has ever had their civil rights put to a vote by the lowest common nuts of the electorate. Imagine 1954 Brown v. Education as a ballot meausure in Alabama!!

    Zach, I think you need to read some of the blog posts here about the over 1,000 rights that come with a marriage… visits, insurance rights, pension benefits……so it is not just a piece of paper……

    Finally, unless there is no difference between st8 and gay marriages, then there will always be an uneven playing field.

    There is no middle ground on this issue. St8 people would not want anything less, if the tables were turned.

  3. November 14, 2008 4:58 PM

    First of all, good point on the African American vote comment. Why is it consistently overlooked that blacks and hispanics tend to be among the most socially conservative and in particular homophobic segments of he population?

    Second of all, again, why are we bringing up polygamy? If I’m not mistaken, the Mormon Church condemned it over 100 years ago.

    Third, just as stereotyping gays by saying they’re all permiscuous queens who shouldn’t get married because they’re probably sleeping around anyway is wrong, it is wrong to stereotype a) a whole religion (even if it were true that they still supported polygamy) b) a whole lifestyle. Not all polygamists marry young girls to old men.

    Fourth, just as it is your right to live happily, it is everybody else right to worship freely and to organize freely. Including against things that you feel are your fundamental rights.

    Fifth, nobody is challenging anybody’s right (unless you are in the military) to be who you are and live your life. Nobody is even knocking on doors of “partnerships,” “special friends,” etc. and saying, “I’m sorry, this is the gay police.” They’re being denied a piece of paper.

    Finally, if you need a piece of paper to lead a happy life with the person of your choosing (hetero, homo, tranny, whatever), maybe you should reevaluate the depth of your feelings for each other and your relationship. I understand the fight as a matter of principal, but we don’t need to get all dramatic and saying that couples cannot live happily ever after. If you should really be getting married to begin with, the piece of paper shouldn’t make or break your relationship.

  4. srhagerman permalink
    November 11, 2008 10:30 PM

    This was an amazing post. I too question the Mormon church’s stance on this issue. I think its time for the church to come into the 21st Century.

    People have a right, yes a right, to be happy and live their lives the way they see fit. No hiearchy has the right to say that some aspect is wrong. It was for that very reason that we broke away from England all those years ago. We live in a FREE country, and our lives are our own. We, as individuals, will decide how our own lives are lived.

  5. Marion permalink
    November 11, 2008 7:14 PM

    I agree with you about your comments about the Morman Church. They seem to forget that they are the ones who promoted multi-wife homes [polygamy]. Only for men though. I find this just yuky. Multiple sex partners with the same guy….Gross!! And the men seem to like the idea of marrying really young girls off to old farts. And they voted against gay marriage?
    And I don’t like the notion that gay couples or singles can not adopt. Some of the nicest parents to these throw away kids are gay. Fine example, my cousin Bryan with his life partner Scott and their young son, who only Scott could adopt, Frank. Frank is the luckiest kid on the planet to have those two care about him.

  6. November 11, 2008 10:21 AM

    Deke, Prop 8 failed had because Democrats voted against it.

    California is a ridiculously blue state and in the age of Obama the only reason this failed is because a large part of your precious left voted against it.

    How typical of you to go after a religious group than to look in the mirror.

  7. ferrellgummitt permalink
    November 11, 2008 9:43 AM

    Dude, It doesn’t matter anyway. The Governator said yesterday he is kicking it back to the court system to rule on it and once again the will of the people will be crushed by the uber left leaning Superior Court Judges.

    Make you a trade. The Dems can have the Governator and we will take Joe Lieberman.

  8. ferrellgummitt permalink
    November 11, 2008 9:04 AM

    I have a question. 85% of the African-Americans that voted for Obama voted for Proposition 8. A lot of money for Proposition 8 also came from African-American congregations. How come the Proposition 8 opponents never went after them? Maybe it’s easier and more politically correct to go after a bunch of pasty white religious conservatives?

  9. November 11, 2008 1:05 AM

    Great post. I think that it’s a little unfair, however, to bring up the multiple marriage thing, given that the Mormon Church has condemned the practice for a while.

    I am overall baffled by the fact that these keep passing. The Dems are winning elections. I know a lot of Republicans who are either supportive of or indifferent to gay marriage.

    This has got to be one of the saddest trends in politics today.

    By the way, I added your link to both of my blogs. Feel free to check them out. Thanks!

  10. non quixote permalink
    November 11, 2008 12:25 AM

    “Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”

    (attributed to Denis Diderot 1713-1784)

    Traditional heterosexual marriage presently sanctioned by any church must be lawfully re-classified as simply a, “civil union,” but still carry with it rights and responsibilities imposed under, “marriage,” law today.

    Civil unions then would be extended to any couple desiring that legal status, and those same rights and responsibilities.

    Any couple would be free to find a religious sanctioning of their union according to their beliefs, but the “religious,” sanctioning would carry no additional civil authority than that of the regular civil union.

    All churches should immediately be stripped of tax-exempt status, be required to report all income and be held taxable based on financial records demonstrating how well or how poorly they have performed various aspects of financial local community charities and efficiencies in operations. Expenses for political action would now be recorded (they could politically lobby all they want) and not be a deductible expense, resulting in proportionately higher taxes.

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