Bloggers Serve Important Role Over Sarah Palin

I was amused at how Sarah Palin views the blogging world.  She thinks, as stated in a recent interview, (one of those things she was not able to do during the campaign) that liberal bloggers are in pajamas stationed in their parent’s basement.  She knows that the blogging world played a role in illuminating her to the nation, and is of course, not pleased.

This blog, as many others around the nation, seem to be on overdrive when it comes to Sarah Palin.  Some agree with my desire to post every aspect about the controversial choice as the Republicans Vice-Presidential nominee.  Others take exception; one even noting weeks ago that the liberals would discover all the coverage would only make her more of an asset on Election Day. 

I post on Sarah Plain for two reasons.  First and foremost, I am fascinated with the political story that seems more fiction than reality.  In my wildest writings for pleasure, I could never concoct her storyline and make it seem plausible, yet every morning the newspapers have the latest real-life chapter about Palin above the fold.  Second, I post about the Alaska Govenor because I think John McCain’s choice for a vice-president was so flawed, and insane, that it needed as much grassroots exposure as could be gained.  Like many others bloggers can attest, Sarah Palin is great for readership numbers every day.  Many fellow Americans are as interested, or concerned, as I am.

Today I read a most powerdul article about the rationale to post on Palin.  Andrew Sullivan is one of those bloggers that we all envy just a bit with his daily hits.  He writes what I feel, and I suspect many of my fellow bloggers also feel, as we look back over the past couple of months.

Let’s be real in a way the national media seems incapable of: this person should never have been placed on a national ticket in a mature democracy. She was incapable of running a town in Alaska competently. The impulsive, unvetted selection of a total unknown, with no knowledge of or interest in the wider world, as a replacement president remains one of the most disturbing events in modern American history. That the press felt required to maintain a facade of normalcy for two months – and not to declare the whole thing a farce from start to finish – is a sign of their total loss of nerve. That the Palin absurdity should follow the two-term presidency of another individual utterly out of his depth in national government is particularly troubling. 46 percent of Americans voted for the possibility of this blank slate as president because she somehow echoed their own sense of religious or cultural “identity”. Until we figure out how this happened, we will not be able to prevent it from happening again. And we have to find a way to prevent this from recurring.

It happened because John McCain is an incompetent and a cynic and reckless beyond measure. To have picked someone he’d only met once before, without any serious vetting procedure, revealed McCain as an utterly unserious character, a man whose devotion to the shallowest form of political gamesmanship trumped concern for his country’s or his party’s interest. We need a full accounting of the vetting process: who was responsible for this act of political malpractice? How could a veep not be vetted in any serious way? Why was she not asked to withdraw as soon as the facts of her massive ignorance and delusional psyche were revealed?

This deluded and delusional woman still doesn’t understand what happened to her; still has no self-awareness; and has never been forced to accept her obvious limitations. She cannot keep even the most trivial story straight; she repeats untruths with a ferocity and calm that is reserved only to the clinically unhinged; she has the educational level of a high school drop-out; and regards ignorance as some kind of achievement. It is excruciating to watch her – but more excruciating to watch those who feel obliged to defend her.

Her candidacy, in short, was indefensible. It remains indefensible. Until the mainstream media, the GOP establishment, and the conservative intelligentsia acknowledge the depth of their error, this blog will keep demanding basic accountability.   

My point is not to persecute or hound some random person. I wish I had never heard of Sarah Palin. I wish this nightmare had never happened. I wish totally innocent by-standers, like Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston and Heather Bruce and Trig Palin, had not had their lives disrupted by this circus. It’s distressing to everyone, which is why most journalists left many aspects of this charade alone. But Palin is claiming vindication, is on every cable show, is at the National Governors Association Conference, and is touted as a future leader of the GOP. There comes a point at which you have to simply call a time out and insist that this farce cease and some basic accountability and transparency be restored to the process. Since no one else seems willing to do so, the Dish will stay on the case. So where are those medical records anyway?

Lots of Andrew Sullivan’s fellow bloggers are shoulder-to-shoulder with him on this issue.

5 thoughts on “Bloggers Serve Important Role Over Sarah Palin

  1. notalib

    And the hate of women continues from the basement bloggers. It is so enjoyable to see the far left extremist show their fear of a women who respects FAMILY GOD and LIFE. If the far left was no so afraid of her they would have dismissed her when McCain picked her. But they see a women who has something they are afraid of, values and morals.

  2. notalib

    I suppose if someone wrote about children being molested by priests that you would then say that bloggers hate the Catholic church. Your logic is so….so wrong.

    Sarah Palin drags her doll on stage with her and you tell me that this is family, God, and life…….give me a break!

    I will say though you have finally found a person in the conservative movement that is as smart as you are.

    What does it look like to see a mirror image of yourself in the news?

    Lets face it you got your ass served on a platter this election, and you and your kind are partly to blame for wanting to beat up on the Hispanics over the last 8 years. Hispanics in large part gave some states to Obama. Then you had to bow and kiss McCain’s butt and vote for him even though you reviled him these past years on the issue of immigration.

    I think you need time out fromm commenting and get your thoughts in order pal. What do you stand for? Seems to me any ole Republican that tells you to hop…….notalib says “HOW HIGH!”

  3. Marion

    Men were facinated by Sarah Palin because of her tight little ass after having 5 kids. Redneck minds like flash and now everyone of them [NRA] are out buying guns cause she promotes it and hunting. All would love to have her in their blind for the “hunt”.

  4. If what we need is a female President or VP, or a female with principals, we need to find someone better than Sarah Palin. If all we needed was somebody who could tote the line on certain policies and key political issues, we could train a monkey to play Prez or Veep.

    What we (as the Republican Party) need is a candidate who holds the same fundamental beliefs (although I would argue it’s not GOD FAMILY AND MORE GOD) as the Party, but has the fundamental a) logic, and b) skillet, to solve basic problems as they arise.

    Someone without a third grader’s knowledge of geography is not that person. Someone who cannot name a Supreme Court case (whether it was under pressure or because she actually doesn’t know) is not that person. Someone who does not know what her party’s incumbent president’s largest (for better or worse) contribution to history and political science means, is not that person. (The Bush Doctrine).

    Please people, I’m not a Palin hater. But I am starting to be a Palin Defender Hater. News flash. We just lost an election to somebody who wants to socialize the health care system. In a country firmly based on capitalism, we did something wrong. In my opinion, that something was largely nominating this woman.

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