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Time: Cover Picture Of Barack Obama As FDR

November 13, 2008

What a great cover!  My heart fills with so much pride tonight as I see this cover photo.

Just a week ago I posted a review for a book, and stated, “perhaps it I close my eyes I can see FDR with his legs braced, his cape flapping in the wind, and his head cocked upwards to greet us still.”

Over the past week James and I have talked a great deal about 1932 and the election of FDR, and how it resembles 2008 and the election of Barack Obama.  James has heard selected passages from the book mentioned above, as great paragraphs need to be shared.  But now Time magazine makes history, and the future, a lot more clear.


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  1. Peter Wetmore permalink
    June 17, 2017 3:01 PM

    To think we once had a president we could admire and respect.

  2. georgie sparks permalink
    April 16, 2009 12:42 PM

    I ♥ FDR!!!!!! he was like totally awesome, and he’s my hero and bff. obama in FDR’s place? errg, okay

  3. Gordon permalink
    November 28, 2008 11:53 PM

    I cannot believe this. Of all the things that Time magazine could do, they make a despicable photoshop of one of the greatest Presidents of our time. Obama is in no way a Lincoln a Kennedy or Roosevelt. These were all leaders of our great nation that have made tremendous impacts on our freedoms.
    I hope those of us can remember our History Lessons. F.D.R. was our President at the start of WWII and helped end it.
    Does this possibly mean a war is on our horizon? It seems that Obama has drawn many of his statements during his campaign from great leaders, is seeking current great leaders (McCain and economic talks) to help his Presidency.
    If he is so great than he needs, the press needs to show that instead of defacing our history.
    What’s next? Obama’s face on Mt Rushmore or perhaps his face carved in the Lincoln Memorial?
    Wake up people.

  4. Gringo_Malo permalink
    November 24, 2008 2:42 PM

    I’m quite certain that Obama will lead the country, or what’s left of it, through a longer and more severe depression than FDR’s.

  5. Allison permalink
    November 24, 2008 2:14 PM

    The New Yorker’s election recap issue had a hand-drawn version of this, which avoids Time’s awkward photoshopping a bit.

  6. November 21, 2008 9:40 PM


    Let me assure you that liberals have a logical reason for stating that Bush has shredded the Constitution. If you were to search this blog you will find that a reasoned and coherent view on a wide range of issues are dealt with, including a long list of topics about civil and constitutional rights. Having been in broadcasting and the state legislature (though not as an elected official) I have a lot of issues that are on my horizon. None are perhaps more important than those that deal with our very core of a democracy. The nice thing about a blog is that I can have a serious piece on these matters, and also have a different way of making my point such as the post where I have a copy of the constitution and state that Bush wipes his butt with it. Both make the same point about the abuses to our country from Bush. That does not make me shrill. It just means that I make my point and my readers with varied backgrounds get it.

    I sense that you believe logic is not employed if the outcome does not agree with a conservative’s point of view. That of course is your right. But lets put the facts in some type of paragraph about the need as to why I state we needed to take the country back from the conservatives this year as it relates to the Bush Crime Family and our rights.

    Bush has used uninhibited executive power to wage war, seize, confine, torture at will, breaching constitutional laws, international treaties, along with covenants concerning treatment of combatants. The Patriot Act was a pile of the most insane items ever assembled….and thankfully the man who lived only a short distance from me for many years….Sen. Feingold, voted against it……and proudly ran for re-election on that fact and won! YES! The prison camp at Guantanamo, and the attacks against habeas corpus under Bush are innumerable. Free speech is no longer a right. Stand alongside Bush’s presidential motorcade with a protest sign, and the Secret Service or local law enforcement will haul you off. Appearance on any watch lists maintained by government agencies means inability to get on a plane. You need your papers for more than just travel. The Indiana statute approved by the Supreme Court demands that persons lacking “proper” ID only cast provisional ballots, with a bureaucratic idea for subsequent verification. Americans no longer have an unimpaired right to vote, even if of appropriate age. Warrantless wiretappers and the FISA bill, make me gag. Bush has ravaged the Fourth Amendment, starting with his insistence that he could issue arrest warrants if there was reason to believe a noncitizen was implicated in terrorist activity. BULLSHIT! Once seized the captive had no recourse in a court of law. The “probable cause” standard which is for disciplining the state’s desire to search and to seize, has been abused, as are the FBI’s powers under the “material witness” statute to arrest and hold suspects.

    So much for your theory that “critics who are either too lazy to develop a logical line of criticism or are not statisfied by merely blasting Bush’s poor results and prefer to portray Bush as “evil” in order to make themselves feel better about themselves.’

    Bush is in fact evil.


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