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Senator Stevens Slips Further Behind In Alaska Vote Count

November 14, 2008

Democratic candidate Mark Begich gains more votes as the count continues.  And there is every reason to believethat margin will only grow.  Senator Stevens will pay with his political career for the mis-deeds he committed while on office.  A Begich win means that Sarah Palin will be wearing long-johns for quite a while.

Mark Begich has extended his lead over Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens to 1,022 votes with the latest count of absentee and questioned ballots. The Elections Division counted 14,508 ballots today. The count of absentee and questioned ballots will pick up Tuesday. The state has an estimated 24,000 more ballots left to count in the race.

Most of the ballots counted so far today are mixed between the Mat-Su area, Fairbanks and northern and Western Alaska. The state Elections Division has counted a few hundred questioned ballots from Southeast Alaska as well.

The fact that the Democratic Begich’s lead over the Republican Stevens is increasing even as ballots are counted from the Stevens stronghold of the Mat-Su is not a good sign for the 40-year incumbent’s chances to retain his seat.

The Elections Division on Tuesday will count absentee ballots from Anchorage, which has generally been split between Begich and Stevens, as well as Southeast Alaska, which is heavily pro-Begich.

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  1. korina knudson permalink
    November 15, 2008 12:11 PM

    Alaska has changed, too. My family has been up there for a few generations, so I can say with confidence I am not an outsider. My family is Alaska.

    I drove the Al-Can in four days from Washington, by myself, while four months pregnant with 5 bucks in my pocket that I never spent.

    I understand how fully matriarchal the culture is up there. Still, for a woman to come up and hold her public post like that is pretty damn amazing. It’s no country for weak women.

    I’m proud of Sarah, but she’s still a greenhorn, and she was sent back to be home schooled.

    She’s got the biggest state in the union, right?
    Now that the world is watching, let’s see what she can do.

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