Yorba Linda Fire Video


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Readers know why Yorba Linda holds a special place on this blog.  Our thoughts and prayers are with these folks tonight.  When you see this video and the hellish smoke and fire in the air it makes us all appreciate the fear and terror that these folks are experiencing.

Sunday news story.

News story click here.

For ariel pictures click here.

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Pictures And News Story Of Madison, Wisconsin’s Anti-Prop 8 March

Cold winds whipped downtown Madison on Saturday afternoon, but there was no diminishing the heated feelings that nearly 500 citizens felt over the recently passed anti-gay Proposition 8 in California that struck down gay marriage.  With homemade signs, and loud chants the assembled marched from the UW-Madison to the State Capitol.  At both of the major intersections on State Street where traffic needed to stop, there was strong support from the drivers as they clapped, gave the thumbs up, and honked their horns.  As one observer noted it was nice to see young and old show up in such numbers that the marchers filled more than one city block as they made their protest.  Throughout the march I was struck by the underlying tone of strangers who commented that this moment will pass, and the progress that has been made over the past few years will pick up steam again.  It needs to be remembered that Prop 8 was only a battle, it was not the war.  History is turning a page, and the marchers knew they were on the right side of the battle lines.








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Sayre Fire, Sylmar California Fire Maps And Pictures




UPDATED…See here


The above picture is looking down at a portion of Sylmar after hell broke out.  This news is most dreadful.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the folks in this region of California.

6AM Sat. Update: 2600 acres burning.
10,000 residents evacuated
Erratic winds gusting to over 50mph.
Began 10:30PM Friday 11/14/08
1000 homes threatened, more than 30 homes destroyed.

See map of the area here. 

Second map here.

For more pictures click here.

I thought I would include this video of a helicopter pick-up of water to fight the blaze.

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Saturday Song: Sammy Davis, Jr. “Mr. Bojangles”

One of my regrets is not having the chance to see one of the ultimate entertainers, Sammy Davis, Jr. on the stage.  Often we use the word ‘entertainer’ to describe the latest PR-driven flash in the pan that will be forgotten as soon as the next one comes along.  But when the word is applied correctly it means, among others, the artist that is featured as today’s Saturday Song.  This is a classic.