Picture Of Newsweek Cover: Barack Obama And Abraham Lincoln

I do not know the last time, if ever, that a newly elected President has been compared or contrasted with other highly regarded U.S. Presidents.  For the second time in a week, Barack Obama is featured on the cover of a major news magazine with a much-loved former leader.  This week Newsweek has Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln.  Several days ago Time magazine featured Obama as the new FDR.   It does make one very proud of the decision we made as a nation in November.


7 thoughts on “Picture Of Newsweek Cover: Barack Obama And Abraham Lincoln

  1. Terrence

    Let me get this straight. Newsweek puts up a farcical cover like this and it should make us proud for electing Obama? Lincoln ended slavery, preserved the Union and was murdered as a result. We’re talking about Lincoln here– Abraham Lincoln. The Great Emancipator? Honest Abe? The first Republican president– you know, the anti-slavery party? Helloooo?

  2. notalib

    OMG the man has not even been sworn in and they are trying to equate him to Lincoln. The media needs a reality check, lets see what he does before we anoint him as the greatest. Maybe 52% of the nation is proud but 46% are scared to death what is going to happen to our great country under his man and the media who worship him

  3. Terrence

    We didn’t say the article equated him with Lincoln– rather the point was that it is moronic for Newsweek to put Obama and Lincoln on the same cover. By the way, the subtitle to the article is “The parallels between ’44’ and ’16′”. Also, check out the link. Obama is superimposed on the penny. http://www.newsweek.com/id/169170. Creepy, huh?

  4. Roger Ammons

    Time And Newsweek are on Obamazine. There have sunk to tabloids. You can cancell my subscription. Will ever have journalism again?

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