Saturday Song: Sharon White/Ricky Skaggs “Mansion On The Hill”

From time to time over the past months I have been posting what I consider the top five county music songs of all time.  Today is the fourth on that list. Next week the fifth one will be posted.

All but one of the songs are quite old, though sometimes performed by contemporary singers.  All are powerful as printed words on the page as much as when performed, and none have redneck qualities that seem to make up so much of contemporary country.  When I say I like country and western, I mean the music and performers that started the genre on its way.

So far we have “A Good Year For The Roses” by Alan Jackson and George Jones, “Wabash Cannonball” by Roy Acuff, and “If Teardrops Were Pennies, And Heartaches Were Gold”by Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton.

Today I post the awesome beauty of “Mansion On The Hill” with lots of country strings and harmony performed by Sharon White and Ricky Skaggs.  TURN IT UP!!

4 thoughts on “Saturday Song: Sharon White/Ricky Skaggs “Mansion On The Hill”

  1. mark

    A liberal who loves country western music from decades ago and old media such as newspapers??

    How old are you exactly? No offense dude I love this site but you do make me smile.

  2. al whitney ..,not from wisconsin!

    Long ago,i used to stay up late at nite and listen to real country music.This was 1952,a fifth grader as i was facinated byWSM & WWRVA and the real country music i heard Whathappened to that music? I’m glad we still have U-TUBE !!!

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