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Barack Obama Says He Has “A Mandate To Move The Country In A New Direction”

November 26, 2008

I was waiting for this word, the ‘M word’ if you will, to be used by Barack Obama.  

When the Supreme Court gave George Bush a one vote victory in 2000, the Republicans acted like they had a mandate.  It is truly good to hear the word ‘mandate’ used propetly after the resounding victory this month at the polls where votes were actually counted, and trust was truly placed on the shoulders of a candidate.

“We had a decisive win … and so I don’t think there is any question we have a mandate to move the country in a new direction,” Obama said at a press conference.

For those that might disagree with that, and one can only do so for purely political reasons, lets examine why Obama indeed does have a mandate to change the nation.

By historical standards, Obama’s win fits relatively nicely into the mandate category.

He took 365 electoral votes and 52.6 percent of the popular vote, totals that compare very favorably to George W. Bush’s electoral and popular vote counts (286, 50.67 percent in 2004; 271, 47.88 percent in 2000) as well as those of former President Bill Clinton who took 379 electoral votes in his 1996 win over former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole (R) and 370 in beating then President George H.W. Bush in 1992.

(Obama’s win does not constitute a landslide by modern historical definitions, however, as his vote totals don’t come close to the 525 electoral votes and nearly 59 percent of the popular vote then President Ronald Reagan took in his win over former Vice President Walter Mondale of Minnesota.)

And, Obama also assured the sort of downballot majorities — a gain of 24 seats in the House and seven seats (and counting) in the Senate — that typically accompany so-called presidential mandates.

  1. November 26, 2008 4:45 PM

    You didn’t include Caffeinated Politics in your list….

  2. ferrellgummitt permalink
    November 26, 2008 4:27 PM

    The only “Mandate” here was the one that MSNBC, CNN, The Daily Kos, Media Matters and the MSM sent out to their minions and spread the word that Obama was “The One”.

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