Chris Matthews To Run For U.S. Senate In Pennsylvania?

If so, where can I send my check?   There have been rumors (hopes) for a few months about this Senate race, but it seems that some substance is starting to grow to the rumors. 

I have been accused by readers here of having a ‘man-crush’ on Chris Matthews.  If respecting a person’s mind, verbal skills, political philosophy, resume, writing skills, and overall temperament fits that label, then it must be true.  All I know is that I very much want Chris Matthews to be a part of the United States Senate.  Though it means I will not hear his take on the issues from MSNBC on a daily basis anymore, I know that he will have a bigger platform to both inform the public, and turn his views into policy.

I suspect if this story is true that shortly after the Holidays Matthews will make an announcement.

“According to multiple sources, who confirmed the Tip O’Neill staffer-cum-MSNBC host has negotiated with veteran Obama staffers to enlist in his campaign, Chris Matthews will run for United States Senate in Pennsylvania in 2010. Matthews, 62, will run as a Democrat. Arlen Specter, the aging Republican incumbent, will be 80 if he chooses to run for re-election.”

2 thoughts on “Chris Matthews To Run For U.S. Senate In Pennsylvania?

  1. notalib

    There is a great idea another far far far left moonbat in DC to bring further destruction to this country before 2012. Who next…..Keith OVERblown? Country just keeps getting sicker and sicker.

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