Free Nighttime Sky Show Worth A View


The picture above is from Weikersheim, Germany and can be found here at SpaceWeather. 

The other night as we were driving home from a family Thanksgiving I looked up and saw a most remarkable sight.  It was obvious that both objects were planets…but which ones?  For a short time in the twilight sky you too can see what has been described ‘as the best sky’ show for 2008.  Try and do so before December 1st.

When the sun goes down, step outside and look southwest. Venus and Jupiter are lined up beautifully close together in the twilight sky.  The best is yet to comes however when the crescent moon starts to join the pair. 

Remember this show is free and can’t be seen anywhere other than in the nighttime sky now playing at all backyards near you.  Talking is allowed during this show, and feel free to use cellphones to call others to your backyard.  Popcorn served inside after the show where it is warmer.

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