New “Meet The Press” Anchor To Be Announced By December 7

We still all wish there was no need to have a new full-time host for Sunday morning’s famed “Meet The Press”.  If only it could be like it once was.  Tim Russert is still very much missed.

But there is a list of names that I find perfect for the role of his replacement, and three of them are among my favorites on television today.  The announcement of a new host will  be made by December 7th.

Barring a last-minute surprise, network insiders and television news observers expect the new moderator — or moderators — will be drawn from a short list of candidates that include NBC chief White House correspondent David Gregory, PBS anchor Gwen Ifill, NBC chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell and NBC political director Chuck Todd.

I love Gwen Ifill and once hoped that she could have been lured to CBS to fill the anchor role of Dan Rather.  She is steeped in Washington knowledge, and the political process.   Andrea Mitchell has a warm television presence with a keen mind regarding international affairs.  Chuck Todd is a walking storehouse of political acumen, and is perhaps the one that best resembles the mind of Tim Russert.  David Gregory is great at asking questions and demanding an answer, but I wonder if he is the ‘fit’ for the Sunday role as host.

This long serving public affairs program is one that has a proud tradition in our political and journalistic world.  The selection has to be the correct one.

4 thoughts on “New “Meet The Press” Anchor To Be Announced By December 7

  1. paolo balduzzi

    Mr. Brokow should return to Montana. MTP needs to get back to asking the hard questions and showing it has done its homework.

    An “A” team of moderators might be just the thing. Think Charlie Rose Show during Mr. Rose’s absence

  2. Toddy D.

    David Gregory would be a TERRBILE replacement to host Meet the press. Much, much better would be Chuck Todd, Chris Mathews or Katie Couric though no one could replace Tim Russert or even come close.

    If Gregory is the host, I am finished with Meet the Press after a weekly ritual of more then 5 years.

  3. Catherine

    I have heard that Gregory will be the new host. I do not like his partisan manner. He can be quite insulting. Without any further ado, if Gregory is the chosen one, be sure to get awesome guests. There are a multitude of us who will not watch MTP ever again, otherwise. I really once loved this show, I just do not see Gregory in Russert’s shoes. I think you should take the time and get a person who better fits the bill. It requires more than being able to conduct an interview, it means having the ability to connect with the viewers. Gregory does not have that quality. Good luck to you.

  4. Gregory will match Russert’s audience numbers the next political cycle, that will be in about 1.5 years. Russert should have watched his weight and jogged. It’s a shame to let your celeb and nights out at five-star restaurants cut one’s life in half.

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