Saturday Song: Charlie Louvin “Will You Visit Me On Sunday?”

As promised last week here is the final of what I consider to be the top five country and western songs.  Subjective to be sure, but based on what I consider to be the foundations of the genre taking into consideration the lyrics, chords, and presentation.  The other four are listed here.

Today’s song is performed by one of the Opry legends, Charlie Louvin.  It was a real treat to have a long chat with Charlie backstage about two years ago.  While using my pen to sign some autographs for others, we chatted about his traveling time with his brother Ira, and his memories of working with Elvis Presley on the Louisiana Hayride.  There is so much to admire about these ‘old-timers’, as they paved the way for the singers that today garner so much money and fame.  In the days of the Louvin Brothers, it was not uncommon for performers to sing on the back of a pickup truck in a parking lot, and then sell their own records from the truck after the show.  They traveled endless miles over beat up roads, in even more beat up vehicles.  They were gone from home too much, and the toil of the travels took a toll.  There was no slick PR, air-conditioned buses, or fruit bowls with bottled water waiting before the show.  It was much different world.

From 1960 here is “Will You Visit Me On Sunday?” by Charlie Louvin.

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