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Toys Needed For UW Children’s Hospital In Madison

December 8, 2008

There is nothing worse as a child then being sick.  Unless that sickness requires the child to be in a hospital.  However, there are ways the community can assist to make a child’s stay at the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin a little less confusing, and a lot more comfortable.   At this time of year as you put your shopping list together please add one more toy item for donation to the children who stay in this hospital.  Once again the kind folks at Culvers in Middleton are opening their business to assist these children.  One free scoop of custard will be given when you bring in a toy.

NEW toys such as teddy bears, dolls, books, crayons, little cars, and anything else that a child might find amusing and comforting can be brought unwrapped to Culvers in Middleton.  The drop off location is 2906 Parmenter Street.   Items need to be new, and will be collected through December 24th.

I know that there are lots of economic problems for many in our area.  And I know it is not easy to find extra dollars for additional purposes.  Yet I ask my readers to think of the children who really would say thanks if they knew how much you cared for them at a difficult time in their life. 

I also ask my fellow bloggers to promote this cause on their sites.



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