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Pat Boone Has A Meltdown

December 11, 2008

It is sad to see the effects that age has on the mental state of some people.  It is worse when those people have a platform to embarrass themselves, instead of staying in a home and having staff administer the daily medications needed to sustain life.  Such is the case of Pat Boone, the man with the white shoes and milk-toast style of singing.

The news that is shaking up so many can be summed up this way.

Boone published a bizarre and disturbing commentary comparing the horrific tragedy in Mumbai, which took the lives of over 170 people, to the protests against Proposition 8 here in the U.S. In essence, equating the Mumbai tragedy with those protesting the passage of the discriminatory amendment in California that took marriage rights away from gay and lesbian couples to terrorists.

Or it can be summed up this way.

  1. December 11, 2008 3:58 PM

    Well your facts are wrong, of course.

    Had you watched the program you would have known that Keith had verbal smacked the Illinois Governor in his program. This segment of the program for the worst person are those that are not the major headlines of the day.

    I find it amusing that you missed the whole point of the post. Keith did not go after Boone because he was a Christian, but due to the fact he a bleepin bigot.

  2. uglyjoeamerican permalink
    December 11, 2008 1:33 PM

    This demonstrates how big an idiot Keith Olbermann is. You would think that on the day of the worst political scandal in years, he would pick Governor Blago as the “Worst Person in the World”. Nope, can’t be Blago is a democrat and left leaning and in ‘ol Keith’s eyes, they do nothing wrong. So, I find Pat Boone a Christian and punch his lights out instead. I believe that if Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid were indicated on federal charges of bribery and mail fraud, Keith Blowhard would make Bill O’Reilly to be the worst person in the world that day because he didn’t like his views of MSNBC.

  3. Vail permalink
    December 11, 2008 11:11 AM

    I think it’s laughable how the Christian right feels prosecuted right now. Ahh poor babies, some people don’t like you waaaaaa. My heart bleeds. The sad thing is I’m Christian and these people make me embarrassed to admit that.

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