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Hear Spike O’Dell’s Last Radio Show On WGN

December 12, 2008


Picture from last show that was ‘on the road’ this morning.  Thanks to WGN.

After two decades of real broadcasting excellence Spike O’Dell retired at age 55 today with a final broadcast on Chicago’s WGN AM720.  He plans to paint, fish, and live life.  His wife  followed him all these years while he worked in radio, and now he is going to follow her and just relax and travel.

The show this morning was touching, funny, and well…..Spike all the way.

As I write, Spike is on his way to his new home in Nashville Tennessee where he will sleep tonight.  I wish him the very best.  Thanks for  many years of  great radio!

Highlights from the show can be heard here.

  1. Cheryl Brokaw permalink
    June 25, 2009 8:14 AM

    Thank Goodness you let John Williams go! I’ve listened to WGN since I was a little girl and I just retired.
    I was so disappointed with this new host, John Williams. Compared to Spike, he was so rude and not once
    while I listened ,did he refer to Spike or call him or have anything nice to say about him. Greg seems like a
    nice guy and having Spike on tomorrow proves it! We miss Spike but I think Greg will have Spike’s blessings
    and he seems like a nice guy. Maybe he’ll continue to have a toast each year to Bob Collins. THANK YOU
    WGN. Welcome Greg!
    Cheryl & Curtis Brokaw

  2. john dunne permalink
    December 12, 2008 10:20 PM

    What a sense of humour , you behaved like a pioneer and enjoyed your country style approach.
    You generated a legacy,You apparently always looked up,
    never looked down,
    never looked behind ,
    but always looked ahead.
    A great healthy and safe and joyus change of job to your wife and family.
    Slan agus Beannacht Dia.”Farewell and God Bless
    Sincerely John

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