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Is ‘Blago” Now A Verb?

December 12, 2008

I have slipped from just being mesmerized by the Rod Blagojevich story, to now being  addicted to this amazing political event that has consumed reporters and news junkies alike.  This story has so many legs, arms, and tentacles that it will be weeks before we can come up for air.  And if the stars align right, dare I say months?  Yes, it is a story that frustrates me, and makes for cynical comments from my fellow citizens about the entire political process.  And that saddens me. 

Yet this story is rich with everything that makes a reporter’s heart beat faster.  And the same can be said for those of us on the consuming end of the news business.  We who love the morning paper get the first cup of coffee and the paper off the stoop just a bit quicker the last few mornings.    We devour web sites such as the Chicago Tribune, and listen to Chicago radio for the latest news and analysis.

And then we hear at the grocery store, or on late night TV the term ‘blago’, as in an elected official acting completely stupid, smug, and arrogant, and we know that this news story has taken that leap from the headlines and landed in the mix of society.  The term ‘blago’ is now a verb.

And this all happened in about 72 hours. 

It is utterly amazing to me how this process of social synthesis works that forms a new word that we will doubtless be hearing and using for quite some time.  To see the birth of a new term in our country does not happen often, and I suspect I am correct in saying not so quickly as we have seen this week.

But for better or worse, ‘blago’ is here.

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  1. uglyjoeamerican permalink
    December 12, 2008 9:59 AM

    Just be sure you pronounce it correctly. It’s:


    Emphasis on the BLAH.

    Who knows it may go up there with “Swift Boated”…

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