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Madison Snow Pyramid

December 19, 2008

While almost everything was closed down today around Madison due to a major winter storm, there was activity for kids of all ages who were not in school or at work.  The start of a long weekend, or for many the start of a long and needed holiday break, made everyone just really happy and carefree.

This afternoon some 20-somethings took to snowboards around the block while holding a rope attached to a 4×4 vehicle.  Round and round they went.  It was really quite fun to see and hear them.

Another ‘kid’ worked on the newest annual tradition, the snow pyramid.  The tradition is only in its second year, but something tells me this is a keeper for every winter.

The postman when asked if the snow pyramid resembled any others in the neighborhood shook his head and said “nothing even comes close”.  Granted it is only about seven feet tall, and about 6′ by 6′ at the base, but there is room to grow in all directions.  I think that if we live in Wisconsin, and plan to have another harsh winter, the least we can do is have fun.

Now we need more snow……….



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