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Congress To Limit Executive Branch

December 20, 2008

I make mention of something this morning that is not very sexy, but extremely important.  Some might see this as a mere housekeeping matter by the legislative branch in Washington.  Instead, it is a very important and critical turn that Congress must take. 

Over the the past 8 years there has been a quest by the Bush White House to expand and strengthen executive power.  This belief  comes from a very narrow interpretation of constitutional law.  The policies that resulted from expansion of power by the Bush White House allowed for undermining the Constitution, human rights abuses, and militaryactions that resulted in a Middle East war.  Scholars have long known that an unchecked executive would create a disaster.  Now as we look back at President Bush we have our proof.

I have harped on this issue over and over, and know most times I meet blank stares.  But when we see a military funeral due to the Iraq War we are seeing the result of the conservative desire for a stronger executive branch without the needed checks and balances.

So it is very important the following news not just be a newspaper story, but instead becomes reality in Washington.  There is a need for Congress to assume once again the powers that the Constitution bestows to them, and curtail the executive branch from over-reaching.

Congress continues to look at ways to rebalance powers: Lisa Mascaro of the Las Vegas Sun’s Washington Bureau is reporting for the Sunday front page that the “office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid confirmed this week that ‘conversations are taking place now to determine the best way’ for Congress to proceed” on an independent congressional committee or 9/11-style commission to deconstruct the White House’s ability to overreach, particularly in the national security arena. No decisions have been made.

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