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Merry Christmas To All!

December 23, 2008


I chose this old Victorian greeting (above) as a way to push back against the modern view of the Christmas season with all of its commercialization and lack of meaning.

There is an old-fashioned feel to the Christmas season as we prepare to make some more cookies later today that will warm the house and make it smell like Grandma’s.  Meanwhile on the outside we are in the midst of two winter storms that are blowing back to back and piling the snow into creative and sometimes almost dainty drifts, though some drifts are several feet high in cases where houses create just the correct angles to the wind to allow Mother Nature a canvas with which to work.  It is truly a perfect combination of weather, music, mood, and food.  It just would not be the same if the weather was sunny and dry.

We are ready for Christmas as the ham has been bought, and all the fixings are ready for the dinner with four friends who will join us.  One of them is 88 and recalls with vivid detail driving a Model A with her girlfriends while the boys zoomed around in their own Model A, all the while making eyes at each other.  She also plays the piano, and so some group singing will be heard coming from our home. 

It will be a warm joyous crowd around our table.  We are making a couple recipes that was a long tradition in my home as a boy, including the famous salad that was always in such a large pan that my mom would never have room for it on the table, and so had it passed around and then placed off to the side.  As a boy we always had a certain type of dinner roll, that while not expensive or fantastic by most standards, still are tasty and truly part of the holiday.  And as should always  be the case, there are new traditions that are started in families and carried over that make memories and nostalgic moments in the years to come.  That is the way families should be, and our family here is no different.

This morning I ventured out and bought some goodies for the birds, squirrels, and our outdoor bunny rabbit so they too will have a tasty and special holiday meal.  I can assure my readers they are spoiled.  Is it any wonder that a young woman who passed by recently told me she just liked to walk by and see the little animals.  “You always have so many around your home.”  Hard to miss them as they are all over-weight!

I trust by now the bustle of the season has slowed for you so that the real meaning of the Christmas season can calm your heart, and rest your mind.  Enjoy the old-fashioned quality to the season, since even Mother Nature is helping to create the perfect mood outside so it can be also felt inside.

From my family to you and yours,


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