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Shirtless World Leaders…..Even Richard Nixon

December 23, 2008

The news photo of the day on Monday was the shirtless toned six-pack Barack Obama taken in Hawaii.  No one can deny that our President is in shape.  But what about those other world leaders that were caught without a shirt?  Well, some looked better than others.  But let me tell you that Richard Nixon came out of the group looking perhaps (with the exception of Obama) the best without a shirt. 

Click the link above for the image of Nixon and other leaders without shirts.  Thankfully Margret Thatcher is n0t among the group.

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  1. Tanya permalink
    February 1, 2011 6:05 AM

    Ooo! I must admit….I never thougt I would say this….Richard Nixon was hot!!!! I love a hairy chest on a man!!

    For some reason, I secretly found him attractive. Now I know why! No wonder Pat put up with him all those years! She had this on top of her!
    JFK looks OK, but not hairy enough, which is strange because RFK and especially Ted have really, super fuzzy, hairy manly chests! I have seen photos and I wish that I could have been one of the thousands of women who had big, strong, hairy and handsome Teddy in them!!

    G.W.Bush has a really hairy chest too….Why no photos? I hate his politics, but love his looks/body!!!

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