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Hundreds In Tel Aviv Protest Military Strike In Gaza

December 27, 2008

I always search for this type of story each time lunacy takes hold of the Israeli government, and they start killing their neighbors.  This weekend the killing is in Gaza, and as I write the death toll is nearing 220. If there is any slim lining of hope tonight it is within the hearts of some Israelis who understand the polices such as those used today only add more hatred to the already combustible Middle East.  We can only hope the protests grow stronger as the military onslaught continues.

Hundreds of left-wing and human rights activists marched in the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday night to protest the massive Israel Air Force offensive in Gaza that left at least 230 dead and hundreds more wounded.

The protesters marched from Tel Aviv’s Cinematheque toward the Defense Ministry offices. Police, some mounted on horseback, surrounded the protesters, arresting five of them.

No one can tell us that slaughtering the citizens of Gaza is meant to protect the citizens of Sderot and Ashkelon,” said Matan Kaminer, a student who participated in the march.

Some protesters complained of extraneous force on the part of horse-mounted police, but overall the march remained non-violent.

Similar protests took place in Arab villages in the Galilee and in Bedouin villages in the Negev.

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