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Waiting For Ground War To Start In Gaza

December 28, 2008

There seems little doubt that a new ground war is about to take place in the Middle East, as Israel prepares to invade Gaza.  To be sure, there is plenty of faults on all sides to the conflict, though in the eyes of this blogger history weighs heavier on the actions of Israel over the past 60 years.  The economic war waged by Israel against the Palestinians, though not a daily news story, is just as real as the one that now makes headlines this weekend.  The subtext for this conflict is one of economics, and should be addressed as such. 

As the tanks assemble one has to know that any real hope for a new truce in the short term is not in the cards with Hamas.  Israel has made a bold play, and is not about to stop.  With elections slated in early 2009, I fear that war is being used as a political tool by Israeli politicians.  Much as President Bush used it here in America.

However, one has to think back to the last incursion that Israel took in Lebanon.  This blog had just started in July 2006 when Israel took on Hezbollah, and the effects of that has left a stain on the Israeli psyche.  So there has to be some who are mindful that Israel, though armed to the teeth militarily, still has shortcomings.  It was proved  when dealing with a lesser armed foe.  The ground war that Hezbollah forced Israel to enter was costly, and only after much blood was lost on both sides was a ceasefire brokered. 

Hamas, like Hezbollah, has amassed weapons, and some have used them in a provocative fashion on Israeli citizens.  That  of course is wrong, and undermines the attempts at broader initiatives aimed at policies that might bring peace down the road.  But the economic constraints by Israel against Gaza must also end.  They too are provocative, and needless.  But they often are not known to the world, and therefore easy to dismiss.

There is nothing that can be gained in the long run by Israel taking such excessive action as the air strikes yesterday, or the planned invasion in the days, or even hours, to come.  The hostilities that this action has unleashed will not be easily contained or moved beyond.  There is always a fear that these actions could spiral out of control, and start a larger regional conflict.

The world community should be forcing Israel to commit itself to economic discussions with the power structure in Gaza, and foster a path where the grievances of the poverty stricken are heard.  There is nothing to be gained by the tanks rolling into Gaza.

Question is who will force Israel to the negotiation table?

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  1. jamesad2012 permalink
    December 28, 2008 1:17 PM

    Is Israel a bully or a victim??

    Please make your voice heard!!

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